Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Working so hard on a painting.

I'm basing my new image on these portraits.
I've been asked to do a young version of Matt
but he died old.  Know what I mean?
He can inspire young people
just the way he is.

I haven't been in touch lately.

It's almost like happiness!

Totally absorbed.


  1. ....a hard life, an alcoholic life....tends to aging early. You Must follow your heart and soul in your work, else, why do it, Terry ? but you know that, don't you, and you know that you will not Soar in the doing of it Unless you give in to the Spirit. Ah ! that total absorption ! Such a blessed Way Out of all.
    My very best friend, an alcoholic...has aged so very much in this malady. I guess he is back into it. dropped out of sight. I understand, but so wish and pray he will be ok.
    6 comes too, too soon.

    1. It's amazing how you can disappear into a project.

      On the other hand, sorry about your friend - keep praying.

    2. Young Matt was the drinker. That's not inspirational.


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