Sunday, May 08, 2016

This is very cool: Dawn Eden Goldstein - the first woman at the University of St. Mary of the Lake to earn a sacred theology doctorate, a pontifical degree issued under the authority of the Holy See.


What an amazing accomplishment!  Wearing a biretta!

This is glorious!

Congratulations Dr. Eden - Goldstein.  Read the Chicago Tribune coverage here.

You are a beloved daughter of the Church.  You are God's handiwork.

Prayers.  Best wishes.  Thanksgiving.  


  1. She's always been a voice of compassion and sanity. Whenever there's been a thorny issue that divides the "online catholic commentariat" (of which she has since excused herself for more meaningful work), I've always thought she came down on the side of wisdom.

  2. Thanks so much, Terry, and thanks to commenter Scott too. I am grateful to know you and to be united with you in prayer.

    1. I am really so happy for you and so edified as well. God bless you!


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