Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Here we go ... The End Is Near ...

It could happen. - Judy Tenuta prophecy.

This morning I read, "Though the mountains leave their place and the hills be shaken ..."*

So later I went online to check to see if that volcano in the Canary Islands erupted and a tsunami was on its way to wipe out Manhattan.  Or maybe California got the big one today - or will get it this week? Seattle could get one anytime.  Yellowstone too!  OMG!

Friday is the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima.  Next year is the 100th anniversary.

Russia is working on a nuke to annihilate entire nations with one shot.

Trump is going to be president.

Men and women use the same restrooms and locker rooms.

See.  That's why I don't leave the house or go to the gym.  I refuse to shower with all the transsexuals.

I'm so scared.

But seriously.  It's bordering on superstition.  The 13th - something bad is going to happen.  Our Lady shows up - something bad is going to happen.  Years, dates, days are beginning to take on a sort of occult significance.  Occult means hidden from view - suggesting secrets - secret knowledge.  True devotion has nothing to do with that stuff.

I may be wrong - but it seemed like that this morning when I wondered - 'was that a word of knowledge?'

And then I thought of Melvin Udall ... 'where did they teach you to talk like that?'

*Isaiah 54:10 concludes with these words:

My love shall never fall away from you
nor my covenant of peace be shaken,
says the LORD, who has mercy on you.

And ...

Every weapon fashioned against you shall fail;
every tongue that brings you to trial
you shall prove false.
This is the lot of the servants of the LORD,
their vindication from me—oracle of the LORD. - Isaiah 54


  1. "Our Lady shows up - something bad is going to happen"

    Not for me. If and when our Lady shows up it will be an affirmation of my wavering faith. An affirmation that it was all worth it. An affirmation and a redemption for all who have suffered for the sake of their faith.

    Finally ... a fulfillment of her promise at Fatima;

    "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph"

  2. What?.?? Not sure if you are kidding or not. I agree a lot of unusual events. I am more inclined to look to the heavens for strange lights etc. no sense worrying whatever the end is or when. I am worried however about a Trump Presidency.

    1. I'm kind of kidding - the whole thing is related to a distraction in prayer yesterday - coming across the Isaiah verse and the subsequent thoughts about natural disasters and calamities. It doesn't really work as a post.

  3. I understand. But I tend to agree more with this something an old priest said:

    “You must pay dearly for spiritual graces. Better not to have any; you are in total darkness afterwards. If the Blessed Virgin was behind that door, I would not ask Her to come in. All that is to be paid for… more by tears of the heart, than tears of the body." -Pere Lamy


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