Monday, April 25, 2016

This is weird ... Have nothing to do with these forms of 'apostolate' ... Nicholson on Voris?


Get out while the going is good?

I guess Nicholson was Voris' spiritual director and a CMTV friend.  Now some bloggers are saying the priest completely disowned them.  They are speculating that Nicholson is talking about CMTV in the above statement.  I don't know if it is actually something he said or published, but like the accusations against the archdiocese of NY made by Michael - a lot of mud-slinging seems to be going on.

Fr. Nicholson seems to offer a one size fits all diagnosis of what's going on ...

Those who are the most ardent fault finders are those who suffer from a deep self-hatred. Homosexual acts produces in an individual such self-loathing that it not surprising that the gay culture manifests itself in attacking with hostility. Unwittingly the culture of the Internet is dominated by this gay culture ... And today, many Catholics are so deformed that they have succumbed to it. That is why there are groups and individuals who can make a living off of bashing bishops. They survive on poorly formed Catholics. Do not follow or listen to anyone who bashes the sacred hierarchy. It is an evident sign they experience self-loathing. Even if the person has repented of deep sexual sins in their past, human nature will be infected by those sins. It can happen therefore that the prodigal son can turn into the elder brother. Have nothing to do with these forms of "apostolate". - Source

Man.  There is so much to unpack there.  So much.  Right off the bat I sense a duplicity of 'pastoral care' at the end of that statement, "Even if the person has repented of deep sexual sins in their past, human nature will be infected by those sins."  Which pretty much equals the secretly held prejudiuce, 'once a homo, always a homo'.  And that proves the lie of many who insist 'they hate the sin but love the sinner.'  I read the same type of hypocrisy in those pro-life warriors who praised Trump for saying women who get abortions should be punished.  One woman online pointed out women she considered sluts to support the Trump statement.  Others used their 'experience' in pro-life work to support the same position.

Sunday's Second Reading on how Christ 'makes all things new' as well as the Scripture, 'though your sins be as scarlet he makes them white as snow' simply must not be believed by those people who try to destroy the reputations of others, or hold them to account for their sins that have been forgiven.
'Faithful' Catholics do not want you or me to go out in public without our scarlet letter of sins - number and kind - made public, pasted on our foreheads, and forever holding us in our place of shame.  No wonder gay people suffer from self-loathing - they are loathed by the self-righteous.

Not surprisingly, the good father asks for donations now that he has shaken the dust from his sandals:
Dear friends; I apologize for not providing you with a daily video, and this may be for a while. I have ceased doing business with the company that provided the platform. While my future is uncertain, I entrust myself to the Providential goodness of God the Father. If you could, in your kindness continue your financial support during this adventure, I would be most appreciative. God reward you! Fr. Paul Nicholson

"Have nothing to do with these forms of 'apostolate'."

Works for me.

Note:  I hate it when this happens - the links have been removed because of newer posts on those sites bordering on calumny and detraction.  I'm also closing comments on this post.  My apologies.


  1. There is some (ok, maybe a lot) of truth to fault finders being full of self hatred. What's that point one finger at others and you've got 3 pointing back at you? But there IS healing in Jesus Christ. I've experienced it. No way could I have healed from it on my own. Yes, we will continue to stumble and fall but all Jesus wants is to reconcile us to Himself. Never give up hope!

  2. Although this comes from a Radical Misrepresenting Traditonalism, one in my assessment who has almost, if not, separated himself from Holy Mother a church, it also gives more to this priests' story:

    Personally speaking, I can never support this priest's apostolate or work. He is allied and/or a friend of certain other individuals in my archdiocese and his own and because of those associations, I cannot support him, or recommend anyone associate with him.

    I can't comment anymore on that in a comment box here. Pax.

  3. Replies
    1. Error! Warning! Severe sedevacantist radical traditionalist has entered this blogosphere! Claims of "anti-pope's" John Paul II and Francis! Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

    2. Julian, if you were not aware, I am on Abbey Roads' approved list (so far ...).

      When Terry gave a list of things Rad Trads had to believe or otherwise accept most of, I gave a "meme response" and Terry considered me a "good sport" for that.

      This is, thus, not the first time I am on this blogosphere.

      Welcome to mine, I have other themes than calling Wojtyla and Bergoglio antipopes, which might be more tasteful to you.

    3. Also, I am not considering my writing as "an apostolate".

      Except in a very general fashion, as one sometimes talks of "lay apostolate", if even as much as that.

    4. Yep - Hans is always welcome here. (We both know the same people.) :)

    5. Alright if you say so Terry. Hans just realize that out my end the people that use titles like that are nasty vicious people who think it's appropriate to mon lynch people who aren't as trad as they are with email bombs, or think it's fun to visit their pastors and threaten lawsuits for speaking out against their calumnious actions when they are guilty. Needless to say my apprecation for such titles as anti-pope is non existent

  4. Michael Voris's criticisms of members of the hierarchy has been going on for years, but Fr. Nicholson carried on a relationship with them anyway (even as recently as October 2014 when I seen them together in Rome during the first synod). But only now, when Michael was forced to admit his past sins, does the bishop-bashing become a problem for him? I'm sorry Fr. Nicholson, but I don't buy it.

    1. Which is pretty much why I posted this - I don't buy it either. Something is off - way off.

    2. Carolous you might want to check the link above in my first comment. It might make more sense

    3. Julian, thanks for the link. Assuming Louie's story is trustworthy, it is interesting that ChurchMilitant appears to have been providing the technical resources for Fr. Nicholson's online apostolate of his own. Given that his own online persona seems to be sparsely-followed (I think his average YouTube view count was less than 100), I can't help but wonder if perhaps CM dropped Fr. Nicholson first rather than the other way around.

      Fr. Nicholson's above post (which he appears to have deleted now), was beyond uncharitable, but it would be even more heinous if it were done for vindictive reasons.

  5. Bishop bashing is never a good thing. We have to pray for them and remember nobody ever said bishops are infallible but St John Chrysostom said the road to hell is paved with bishops skulls.