Thursday, April 28, 2016

Disinterested parenting: Bl. Margaret of Castello

When she was about twenty, Margaret's parents took her to a shrine in the Franciscan church in Castello, where miracles were reportedly being wrought, to pray for a cure for her birth defects. When no miracle happened, they abandoned her. - source


  1. I ‘discovered’ Blessed Margaret’s story recently while making a study of the stations of the cross in Antwerp Cathedral. She has a prominent role in the sixth station – “Veronica wipes the face of Jesus”.

    1. I wish I lived over there - man, you get around. BTW - I published OL's recent message on my tumblr site:

  2. The study is from home and photo references, but I do hope to get to Antwerp in September or October. :) I’ll check out your tumblr site.

  3. The movie about her life, 'Little Margaret of Castello' on 'y outube' is very moving. I loved watching it and have shared-it with some of my 'favorite people', too!!...


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