Friday, April 29, 2016


Mums and Dadums.

Just off the top of my head I recalled the names of some of the bars my parents frequented - the ones I pretty much grew up in:

Viaduct Inn
The Wagon Wheel
The Tin Cup
Belmont Club
Payne Ave Rec.
Arlington Rec.
Depot Bar
Phalen Park
The Lamb's Club
The Chatterbox
Moose Lodge
Gopher Bar
The Poodle Dog


  1. No way that they went to the Belmont without going to the Flamingo, too. Mancini's still has the best steak ever. Do you realize that I may have rubbed elbows with your parents. What?

    1. You aren't that much older than me. I don't think they went to the Flamingo. They hit the Belmont because we knew the Montpetits. (sp) They had a place in Wisconsin we used to go to too - on Sundays.

  2. I would have SO hung out with you and your parents! I especially love the name "Viaduct Inn" that really says all that needs to be said about that joint!!!Let me guess, they had a rotating light that had the Budweisser clyds on it, pulling the beer truck, around, and around and around...If we were kids we would have played on the shuffle board table with the chalk dust flying everywhere. My second fave is the Depot Bar..most likely because in my much lamented "youth," I lived on a Depot street and it was as classy as it sounds. Mancini's sounds like it would have great steaks and "chops," and a "helluva martini," And I gotta say, "The Poodle Dog," and "The Chatterbox," sound like gay bars and if they aint, they aughta be!!!

    1. Haha! The Poodle Dog was a dive bar my dad took me too on Saturdays. The Chatterbox is still going strong - a more classy joint compared to The Depot. Early on my parents had gay friends and my dad used to get hit on.

  3. hey - YOUR parents were drinking Together ! you were some lucky kid, that's for sure....
    my dad used to take me to the American Legion with him, me about...oh 13-15: he intimidated everyone so much that there was not one peep and I'd get served: how well I remember Harvey Wallbangers, other drinks from that era no one ever mentions now. other nights I'd go to AA meetings with my mother.
    *sigh*: Good Times !

    1. They really did think they were Nick and Nora Charles - I was Asta. LOL! Your dad let you drink? Wow! You were like Tatum O' Neil! :)

    2. I miss movies like those with Nick, Nora, and Asta.
      Oh yes; we memorable weekend, when Mom was at a large AA convention in Canada, where she met "Bill's" wife ( oh those AA groupies...!) us kids got to (forced to -) hang with dear old Dad: who took us on a family jaunt to the liquor store: we picked out perhaps two dozen + of those little bottles, and tripped merrily home to experiment ! Wheee !
      Well, times today not much fun for "co-dependant" kids ( man really hate that unpoetic term/idea): now-a-days they are not allowed in Bars, Liquor stores, can;t smoke under age of 18: skipping school penalized...Dads & Moms no longer encouraged to monopolize attentions of children....
      what a drag.

    3. That must have been difficult.

  4. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Love the shot from "The Thin Man". Really, really hate the GIFs, though.

    1. I use them too much I guess. It reminds me of the moving newspaper photos from Harry Potter - it cracks me up. I don't like to take myself all that seriously with my posts and the gif is a way to let people know that.

      However, depending on your Internet speed, it can slow down your computer or stall the feed. My apologies.

    2. Your GIFS are great! I freaking love The Thin Man and kinda would be up for a sick triangle with them..but I would most likely just end up just being Asta. What could be better being,rich,glamorous,in a fantasy art nouveau world buzzed but never sloppy,besotted in love..sorry Beyoncé and Jay ..Nick and Nora got there first..a cool dog..and solving crimes. What you were writing about the Faith..sorry side tracked..I love your GIFS!


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