Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ten Years After

February 28, 2006

My first blog post - that I can find - was dated February 28, 2006.  The blog was called Rome-ing Catholics.  I began blogging for the company I worked for at the time  The blogging took over.  It really did.  I screwed up.  It was a huge mistake and I wish I could undo it.

I've been blogging for ten years now.

That's sad.

What a waste.

I just told a friend: I'm always a bit embarrassed when I find out people read my blog, since I've revealed far too much about myself and I often regret having written about people, places, and events which I probably never should have mentioned. And I've been wrong about more things than I've been right about. I claim that 'writing helps me think' stealing the line from Pope Benedict.  We'll see how long I can use that one.

I think I've unraveled a lot about my life - so there is something cathartic about that - I'm not sure it ever needed to be made public.  

Anyway.  Attempts at making amends have fallen short as well.

I'm sorry.

Like the woman at the well ...


  1. Love your blog and I appreciate all the prayers you've offered up for me and my family over the past years.

  2. Been corresponding w/you now for 10 years and have to say ... it's been one of the most edifying, educational, entertaining, admiring, brothers-in-Christ relationships of my life. For not having met someone in person, that's saying a heckuva lot! If you ever quit blogging, I would understand and not blame you in the least. But you're a light in the darkness, friend.


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