Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels: Why Trump will be our next President.

'We are allowing thousands and thousands of these people into this country and we're going to have nothing but problems.' 


  1. Trump is a morally bizarre person who is saying some true things that no one will say and he can say them because he's rich til death. Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose and all the overpaid news anchors of tv and many politicians...are rich until they say something politically incorrect....then they are done. Trump though not moral....is truthful because he is rich til death. Muslim immigrants should pass through exhausting vetting and Trump knows it is never exhausting though some really nice Muslim families have come here but so have nut jobs. But no one else can afford financially to say stop to their entrance.

    1. I'm sure I'm wrong about this - but a lot of people are going to want to shut down the borders as this stuff keeps happening.

    2. Understandably. If these attacks continue, Trump may win in light of them. I probably won't vote but I have to watch. It's like a tornado coming. You know you can't outrun it so you might as well take a photo....and hope it zig zags.

  2. All of their words sound rehashed and hollow as if their hands are tied behind their backs for fear of truly speaking the truth in case "they offend somebody." Trump, devil be damned, speaks off the cuff exactly what many are thinking and if he wins as a result and follows through with his harsh words, then so be it.

    In the meantime, I too will watch and will pray and will hope for all of us to endure to the end.

  3. Oh, Lord, please, not Donald Trump. I'm hoping for a contentious, contested convention that will nominate someone else.

    I had to go to confession last week because of Donald Trump. As penance, I'm praying that he will be converted to holiness. I realize this is like Fr. Benedict Groeschel praying that Madonna would become a Carmelite nun.


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