Thursday, March 24, 2016

Don't try to tell me Melania Trump is not a trophy wife ...

Because Trump just used her that way when he insulted Mrs. Cruz with this:


  1. The whole field of them look like idiots! This is the best the country can do...but then again, look at Chicago, last election we had Rahm vs. Chuy Garcia!

    However, ...creepy Cruz (he looks and talks like a preacher from a horror movie, where you would wake up bound and gagged and he would be reading the Bible with a scythe in his hand...) started it all with his super pac putting this out and he not saying anything about it. But Trump coulda taken the high road but of course, this is Trump.

    For what its worth I am sure Mrs. Trump looked great and who cares, naked women are (can be) beautiful (and that is coming from me) and Mrs. Cruz can do WAY better then her creepy, oily husband!

  2. There is a lot of dirt out there for anyone to find. The politicos are working overtime digging it all up. It is worse then the high middle ages when rank accorded a man with privileges and the priest offered confession which allowed them to do it all over again. Gossip is the currency of politics always has been. I am disgusted with the whole lot, except the ones who cannot win because the system is rigged to those with money. Citizens United, the decision by the Supreme Court, has brought this madness. Cruz has shamlessly put his wife and children forward, as has Trump, so they are all in the line of fire. I agree Cruz is a scary figure and Trump is slimy too. Hillary has forgiven Bill, but we have not. The Clinton's are grifters always looking for the next hand out. Chelsea, who they protected as a child, is now another generation in the making. This is an election of settling, like the Direct TV commercial, we are being forced to settle for far less then we want or deserve. I feel like we are all trapped in that horror movie. Europe should be our wake up call, but we still think somehow we will be spared. I am beginning to think that wall Trump boasts about is to keep us in not keep them out.

  3. ah ha ha ---- !!!
    thanks for so many laugh out loud moments you two !!!!!!
    "trapped in a horror movie "! the wall ! Yes.
    waking up to Cruz with a scythe in his hand, reading the bible !
    after three hours of solemnity this is great !
    Thank Goodness: all that incense went to my head like pot.


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