Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I couldn't connect with Fr. Z part of the day.

I know!

Call me crazy - but I did check in at one point and the blog showed up fine.  Later in the afternoon, I didn't have access.  I was concerned.  I wondered what happened to him.  I kept checking - no link.  I worried - not about my access - but what if something happened ...?  (So you see, I do love him and follow him, even though I get annoyed that he doesn't even know I exist - err, that he says things I don't like?  What?  I'm kidding.  Or am I?)

All rightey then!

Tonight, his blog is back up and it appears he was under some sort of attack.  Seriously.  Here.

In the meantime I searched online and came across an interview Fr. Z did with America Magazine.  It's quite good.  The people who commented - those who dislike him, weren't surprising, but they were rather telling - about them.  If you are interested in Father's status and ministry, read the introduction here.

Anyway, I'm glad his site weathered this latest 'storm' and he is back online.

I removed a recent post wherein I criticized Fr. Z.  I was wrong to post it, and I was wrong in my opinion about something he said.   He sometimes boasts that he has forgotten more than most of us know about a certain topic.  That is probably true.  What I think is even more true, is that he has been more consistent, more faithful, more constant in his vocation than many of us who make assessments about him: his personality, his character, and his vocation.  He has persevered and never deviates - his face is set like flint - towards Christ.

God bless him.


  1. I frequent a few other blogs (royalty related) and there were problems there too.

  2. Terry,

    I would suggest Z paid you for that, but we all know he never pays for anything!!! : )

    Hey, if he can fleece a bunch of Neo-Cons into giving him cash to fund his lifestyle and then they eat it all up reading about his "adventures," I say, more power to him. A sucker is born every minute

    1. Haha. He doesn't pay any attention to me.

  3. I can never access the Z blog. I dared to show him he was wrong, not by using my words but those of Pope Benedict XVI, and he not only stopped me from commenting, but I cannot even view his blog on either my home or work Internet address. I used to get a big red "BANNED!" But not I just get a blank screen. If he could cut me off in other places than home and work he would. He tried cutting me off on my Internet provider's hot spots, but that mean also cutting off millions of other people in the NYC area, so he couldn't do it.

    The man has severe problems. I personally don't trust anything he writes, not after the way he has treated me.

    1. I'm always puzzled by his cutting off critics - blocking people - I didn't know you could block ip addresses. Blocking comment is one thing - but it just seems strange to go beyond that. Sometimes I wonder if he doesn't share some personality traits with Trump?

      According to the America interview he certainly sees his 'mission' as being an internet apostolate - and in that case, an open 'dialogue' would certainly be in accord with the 'mind of the Church' as far as the new evangelization goes. So cutting you off seems to be a lack of charity.

      God bless you.


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