Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mother Angelica Died.

+ 1923 - 2016 +

She pretty much invented the 'New Evangelization'.

God rest her soul and clothe her in glory!

In thanksgiving for the vocation, the virtues and faithful witness of Mother Angelica!

Information on funeral proceedings here.


  1. She was a great woman of faith with a great sense of humor and no-nonsense common sense. I liked her because she was gracious, spoke her mind and was never self-righteous about her Catholic faith.

    She has been gifted into eternal life on the Lord's Day! To see the Risen Lord in His glory and to now finally experience His love and mercy in all its fullness, pray for us dear Mother Angelica!
    Pray for us to long for Jesus and for heaven like you did for so long!

  2. I did not know ! I was working in a university library: the late shift: arriving home about midnight: long ago of course: in trying to wind down: I 'found' made such an impact upon my moving back to the church, not only the very late repeats of Mother, but Joanna Bogle and her husband, teaching the Catholic history of Britain: and Father Dubay....
    Mother Angelica ! Such a good and stalwart soul ! How good God is to give her to us !
    who will ever count, will ever know, how very many there are like me, who returned to the Church due to her conviction, her creativity ?

  3. Certainly a woman of faith who lived her life as a pioneer first venturing into an anti-catholic south and then into an anti-female television executive world. She accomplished much and remained ever the no nonsense nun who told it like it was. She even took on the hierarchy who never figured how she got to where she did or how to muzzle or control her. Her sisters in community certainly had a deep love for her and cared well for her. She is quoted as wanting to live as long as possible to have another day to love and praise God. As usual, she had her own unique view and boy she did mean it. God love her now and forever.

  4. I loved her too. I enjoyed her homey style and the fact she had a rough and tough childhood. She often cracked me up with her quips and straightforward opinions. She was the perfect foundress-prioress for an enclosed community. I also admire her for taking care of her mother in the monastery. This morning I'm thinking of her in heaven, completely dumbstruck and in awe in the beatific vision.

  5. What Yaya said. She's surely going to be one of those funny & curmudgeonly saints we can identify with. Rest in peace.

  6. It's hard to explain why I feel so attached to her. A champion before we knew we needed one.


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