Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Is Mother Angelica in Purgatory?

I don't know.

But I pray for the repose of her soul.  I've been following the coverage on EWTN as well.  It's edifying.  She's very much part of my prayer.  I even have a sort of relic - a letter from her.

That said, in my morning prayer I came across a passage from the Song of Songs, which prefigures the Gospel for today, as Mary searches for the body of Christ ...

The angels ask her why she is weeping - then Christ appears to ask her why she is weeping ...

"I sought him whom my heart loves - I sought him but did not find him ...
I came upon the watchmen as they made their rounds of the city ...
'Have you seen him whom my heart loves?'
I hardly left them ... when I found him whom my heart loves ..."

And unlike Mary at the tomb - She took hold of him and would not let him go.

I think that passage - in the light of the Easter morning Gospels, just might describe Mother Angelica's purgatory - if indeed she experienced it.  I can't help but consider that she 'hardly left' us, when she found him whom her heart loves - and she will never have to let him go away again.

I'm so happy for her.

I'm so grateful for her.

Today Catholics do not like to say someone is in a better place after they die - they believe it is a denial of purgatory.  I don't like that language either - neither do I like saying someone 'passed' instead of saying they 'died' and so on.

However, truth be told, Mother Angelica was always in a better place, being an enclosed Poor Clare nun is a better place in itself - even though she pretty much lived a purgatory on earth.  All of her life, we know she sought him whom her heart loves ... Perhaps - like Mary at the tomb, unable to recognize Jesus immediately - at the moment of her death, Mother may not have recognized Our Lord either?  Yet suddenly, in a blink of the eye as it were, after hardly leaving her body - she found him whom her heart loves.  Never again needing to search, or weep, or sicken, suffer and die.

Just a pious thought.

Only God knows.  I like to think of her perfect union with God, in the bosom of the Blessed Trinity.  Even Pope Benedict said, after receiving the news of her death, to die on Easter was 'a gift' - that is, a great grace.

Mother Angelica, pray for us.


  1. I thought the same thing, as I'm sure many others did: to die on Easter. That has to mean something. Our whole Catholic lives are sacramental. Nothing is done without meaning (known or unknown or understood). Our Lord knows what He is about; just like Pope St. John Paul II passing on the Vigil for Divine Mercy. If she spent any time in Purgatory, I bet it was a sideswipe or a quick coal from heaven's altar on her lips & on she went.

    1. Amen! Like the great prophet Isaiah, the mighty coal from heaven works wonders ... may I be, may we all be so fortunate. ^^

      Here is one man's testimony of Mother Angelica's fire and how it touched his life;


      God be praised.

  2. I believe she is in heaven since there is a standing plenary indulgence at point of death according to the indulgence document since 1968 for those in the state of grace who have had a habit of prayer. Any justice punishment is easily satisfied by the elderly in their sickness period. And nuns have a habit of prayer. St. Teresa of Lisieux was strong on people avoiding purgatory if they could. The new enchiridion for indulgences give many ways...

  3. Just dusted off my copy of Arriyos bio of Mother and started reading it this evening. Her earthly life was Purgatory!


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