Thursday, March 31, 2016

Divine Mercy: Today bring to Me the souls who especially venerate and glorify My Mercy

+ Mother Angelica in repose +

Photo: Jeff Bruno/EWTN News


  1. Just tears. So beautiful.

  2. While watching the EWTN review of Mother Angelica's life and subsequent requiem Mass I am struck with how much of an innovator she was. She was a competent evangelizer on the rice weekly program. She presented Catholic teaching in a clear manner and always found humor her ally. It struck me that she has been long absent front the network or a public presence but continues to have a large and loyal following. It will be interesting what becomes of the Shrine, Monastery and Network in the future. I also wondered what she would have thought of the elaborate ceremonies. The Shrine still seems so new that, on TV at least, it lacks something in warmth and spirit. I doubt we will see a personality like her again in our lifetimes. RIP Mother. You did all you could in this life and now you get the reward you wanted us all to be ready for. We will not forget you any time soon.

  3. so very well said -


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