Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Morning ... the empty tomb.

Willem de Kooning
Door to the River

Christ indeed from death is risen.

Sometimes I need abstract art to express an experience.

This painting by de Kooning expresses for me the empty tomb.

I went to early Mass today.  I got up early and prayed before dawn.  I recalled my first experience of the Resurrected Christ - it came to me suddenly again this morning.  It changed everything in my life back then.

I needed that reminder this morning.

Mass was packed, and my recollection was undisturbed.  Even amidst the cacophony after Mass, my thanksgiving was undisturbed.  An older man suddenly grabbed me, his arm around me, his face close to mine, and when I opened my eyes he said, "Good luck!"  I think he meant God bless you.  He hugged me really tight and I thanked him.  Awhile later I heard someone ask someone "Are you OK?"  

They couldn't have been asking me, because I know my Redeemer lives.

A blessed, happy Easter to all!


  1. Happy Easter, Terry.

  2. Two people were received into the Church at my parish last night. The Vigil was not packed but well attended. We had a lovely celebration afterward, I got home at midnight and it took over an hour to wind down! I wanted to go the 11 AM Mass this morning but am trying to pace myself with the crowds as we are going to an Easter dinner this afternoon with 90 other people! Good thing the weather is nice and we can go outside!
    A happy and blessed Easter, Terry!

  3. ....last night at the Vigil...was like being at the Transfiguration - I did not want to leave and return to 'ordinary life'. Everyone seemed rapt.
    More and more I believe....our priest, a bit older than I, who, although in retirement, opted to volunteer to come here: is Holy: He is ... somewhat shy: very humble: very present. can't describe him at all: except to say, I think for the first time ever I am seeing a saint.
    I can truly, truly see what I never really understood: the great importance of saints for the conversion of multitudes ! I can see how it happened, how the original 12 and then countless more travelled and touched millions, billions. Oh Happy Risen Christ among us now in His Priests and Holy people !

  4. They were asking you; 'Are you okay' is Minnesotan for "are you seeing a beatific vision?"

  5. Blessed Easter, Ter! Love, Cath.

    1. Happy Easter, Cathy!!!

    2. Angela! So great to 'see' you! I hope you are well. God bless you and your family!

  6. Nan are you in Minnesota as well ?
    when I am at work, among little ears that should not hear my swear words: I resort to ...Ishta Fita ! or whatever it is.

  7. Wow. That is really a beautiful de Kooning.
    My sister-in-law Kay became Catholic this Easter. Though she and my brother were married in her Baptist church, they raised their son Catholic, and she goes to Mass with them every Sunday. My sister jokes they finally wore her down. My brother has asked for Mom's rosary to give to her, so my one important job today is so send it off to him. Mom would be so happy.
    Happy Easter.


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