Friday, February 05, 2016

Why this is difficult ...

Very often - or so it seems - every time I find an understanding spiritual director - something happens.

He goes away.

He's taken away.

He leaves ... he dies.

Please pray for a friend of mine ... he's very little - therefore he is very good.

We need to pray very much for priests.  They have this strange notion they are like ordinary people - but that's a sort of luxury they can't hold onto.  That's not a bad thing to say.

Refuse all honors.  Never ask for a position.  Account yourself nothing, and a servant of all.  If you want more ... you are in the wrong business.  Flee.  *

*But who am I to judge?


  1. You will be in my prayers ... your friend too.

  2. I'll be sitting in a courtroom for a good part of the day tomorrow. I'll say one of my rosaries for you and your friend. May God wrap His loving arms around you and grant you comfort.

  3. Be assured of prayers, Terry. I am a seminarian, and I understand how hard it is to find a spiritual director who truly has the heart of God. Have no doubt that our Lord sees your desire for a good director, and in His time and in His way, will provide. Christ's peace to both of you.

  4. Ah Terry I am so sorry to hear you are in pain and suffering. I understand this. I pray all day at work - today it will be for you.

  5. Your post reminded me of this song.

  6. I am going to Adoration after work as it's First Friday - will pray for you and your friend.

  7. I'm sorry - I managed to make this about me - rather it is for this good priest we need to pray - actually - for all of them - the good, the 'bad', and the ugly. The good are great, but the bad and the ugly are better.

  8. Don't feel so badly, Terry, I've read that st. Margaret Mary Alacoque had as a spiritual-director St. Claude Colombiere for only about a year more-or-less before he was sent elsewhere!! Hoping that helps a little??...

  9. I'll add you and your friend to my prayers.


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