Tuesday, February 02, 2016


I might be closing my shop on Etsy.

Too distracting.

If I thought blogging was a distraction - the Etsy shop is worse.

I don't want to fool around with $.

I pretty much wanted to get rid of stuff without a middle man after putting some things in a shop on consignment around Christmas.  It's a hassle to do consignment, and it might be worse with an online shop.  Packaging and shipping costs and pricing items low to move them ... let's just say I know nothing about business.

I don't know - I'll think about it.  Just finished another panel to make into a shrine and I'll probably post/publish it - but that may be it.  Not sure yet.

I was going to do some other antiques - but I'm wondering if sending them to auction might not be a better idea?

Possessions are such a burden.  Money is too.  Success is worse.

I lose interest fast.

I remember when I was in management - as soon as the creative part took second place, I lost interest.  I'm sort of dyslexic like that.

Just thinking out loud.


  1. I say give it a little time -- I think that you got this!

    1. Thanks - I'll give it some time then.

  2. I thought you were just joking about having an Etsy shop. I did not know you really had one. I just visited it and it is wonderful!

    1. Thanks - I have more to upload but got busy.

  3. Sorry. I'm the bad influence.

    1. No - you are a good influence. Thanks Nan.


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