Thursday, February 04, 2016

Joseph Sciambra unearths the foundations of Queer Spirituality

In his post regarding Rev. Vincent Pizzuto

Joseph Sciambra calls the priest a schismatic - that may be true, yet perhaps a better term explains it better, Celtic Christian.  Joe explains what that means in his post, nevertheless, it is a serious New Age challenge to Roman Catholic doctrine, with rather ancient roots.

For instance. Pizzuto's community, New Skellig is steeped in pagan tradition.  A description of the community is found at their website:
New Skellig takes its name from the ancient monastic settlement, “Skellig Rock,” located twelve kilometers off the South West Coast of County Kerry, Ireland. The island, more formally known as “Skellig Michael,” served as a monastic outpost for Celtic Christian monks who built their monastery there in 588AD and remained until they were forced to abandon it – largely due to Viking raids – at the turn of the twelfth century. The island was chosen for its isolation, much as that sought after by the Egyptian monks (by whom the Celts were deeply influenced) who fled to the desert in the fourth century AD in search of contemplative solitude. As best as can be known, the community of Skellig was rarely larger than twelve to fifteen monks at any given time – and often smaller.

The Celts, whose origins are obscure, are believed to have been the natives of the European continent, traces of whose culture can be found throughout much of Europe as far south as Italy prior to having been driven out or assimilated by the expansion of the Roman Empire. ... - New Skellig
The movement is corrupted by association with New Age Neo-Paganism, Theosophy, and Gender Ideology. In theory, there are many commonalities with contemporary gay Christian movements and and pastoral practice in Catholic circles.  It is a fundamental change to traditional Catholic theology, spirituality and anthropology.  A friend sent me some background information on the errors and danger associated with this heresy.  Dialogue with heresy is pretty much impossible - and dialogue with false teachers is a lie and therefore untenable.

Oddly enough - the occult connections in some strains of Cletic spirituality just may well substantiate some of Sciambra's claims regarding his experience of evil spirits within the realms of seriously deviant homo-erotic activity.  Having said that, the gay-spirituality proposed by Pizzuto is indeed ant-Catholic.

[To contact the Archdiocese of San Francisco about the Reverend Pizzuto being given a teaching forum in a Catholic parish: Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, 415-614-5500.]

Gay Marriage and God, Dara Molloy

Dara Molloy

Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality: Globalization of God - Celtic Christianity's Nemesis

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