Monday, November 16, 2015



  1. *sigh* ... what a place this is.

  2. Are these events foreshadowed in various Marian prophecies? Possibly Garabandal, LaSallate and Akita? Medjurgorie could be included as we await Vatician validation or rejection. Some say that 2017 is significant in Fatima history. All we can do is watch, pray and await what God sends does not look good right now.

  3. All our hope is in you Lord.

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    1. ~*~ Does not pay to be half asleep when typing~*~

      I am wondering why so few Paris survivors do not mention God? Has Francs become that secularized? How are these folks supposed to endure if more attacks continue? I saw a news report that said there were around 3000 inside Notre Dame during the Memorial Mass with thousands more outside while heavy armed police and soldiers patrolled that areas around the cathedral.

      I am reminded of the battle that was fought that famous day thousands of years ago. It was crucial for Israel's survival that they be victorious so Moses began to pray atop a hill overlooking the battlefield with Joshua in command.
      He had two strong intercessors with him that day, Aaron and Hur. One on each side of him supporting his arms as he prayed for victory.

      So too in France, in many hidden places where the saints toil in the Lord's vineyard, those brave, humble souls known only to God, will be the arms that will hold up France in the hopes that she will once again return to her Lord and be victorious in vanquishing the evil doers.

      ISIS claims that Francs is the leader of the nations of the Cross ... what an honor that is.
      May France not disappoint so as to prove them right and inspire the rest of us, the world, to take up our banner, the Cross and press onward to victory.

      Our Lady of Lepanto pray for us your children!


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