Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What the Pope said.

From Fr. Z:
The Pope made a clear statement:
I wouldn’t ever dare to allow this, because it’s not my competence.”Before anyone gets out onto the ledge outside the window, read that again and repeat it to yourself.  The Pope is not saying that Lutherans can go to Communion. - Fr. Z


  1. How much better it would have been if he had said ONLY that.

  2. He always seems to be playing with theological fire, maybe it's a Jesuit thing, and then he pulls back like a liberal theology professor who the rector at my seminary was keeping an eye on back in the day, and then says I can't do that- but kind of wink, wink. It is just sowing confusion and unbecoming of the Pope. I hope someday he realizes that before he causes a schism.

  3. Having said he had no competence, he then said talk to Jesus and follow your heart. He's afraid of and embarrassed by authentic church teaching.

  4. The Holy Father talks too much, and not clearly.

  5. Tune him out when he speaks off-cathedra. ;)

    If I was a priest here's what I'd say when someone came to me and said the pope said it was alright to do this or that:

    #1 No he didn't.

    #2 If they insist he did, say: I don't know what he said but it doesn't apply to you.

    #3 Read the Catechism - it says this, that and the other thing.

    #4 If they insist on their rights, tell them they are going to hell and slide the confessional window shut.


  6. Haha- I always try to find the humor in all this too, Terry, but I have to say Pope F is not making it easy for priests in the parishes with his off the cuff remarks all the time- he seems to think it is a good thing to have everything unsettled- I respectfully disagree- as souls are at stake. Lord have mercy on our Church!

    1. I think of you often - you said something about it after he was elected and began talking casually.

      I wish it wasn't so confusing.

      Big hug Fr. R.

    2. Hi Terry,

      Any challenge that comes our way is a good opportunity to take that challenge, pray about what it might mean and proceed to educate, clarify and evangelize with complete trust in Divine Providence while praying for our Holy Father. No one man is perfect not even the pope and while I cannot relate with those who are so upset with him they speak of schism or speak ill of him, I remain hopeful that those who are inspired by Papa Francis will come to Christ and embrace the truth of the Catholic faith.

      I was just speaking yesterday to one of my cousins who left the Church to become Mormon and she still remains interested in her former faith, likes our Holy Father, and still asks our Lady to pray for her. If our Holy Father makes headlines, good or bad, folks ask questions and I do my best to answer what the Church teaches.
      I try to be charitable and full of hope because the darkness looms upon our doorsteps now more than ever and I want all whom I love to be ready ... without unity, we will all fall whatever your opinion.

  7. Thanks Terry. Not to be mean or question God's wisdom but I do wish sometimes that Pope B would have struck with it - like St. John Paul II did at the end of his papacy despite serious health problems- and not resigned- things would be a lot different- and I personally think a lot better as the current confusion is not helping souls come to the Lord, despite what the mass media, and some "opinion people" even in the Church think. As a priest friend of mine put it recently it is good that Pope F is trying to reach out to the alienated and fallen away, but why undercut or take pot shots at the people trying to live the faith in such difficult times which he often seems to do: accusing the faithful of being Pharisees and closed hearted, etc. and while some may be that way, many are not. Lord have mercy.

  8. The Rock of Peter has become a rolling stone. If after altering the teaching of Christ and inviting sacrilegious communion, he amends the Catechism of Trent and the Catechism of the Catholic Church with his post-synodal apostolic exhortation, will that be enough to conclude the man is an Antipope?

  9. And please, do not stop writing about the Holy Father since your input is always helpful and encouraging and affirming.

    Thanks for everything Papa Francis!


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