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Monday, November 16, 2015

How I knew who The Eagles of Death Metal were.

I saw them on Kimmel.


Don't read too much into the name of the group - they're pretty 'gay' as in, 'that's so gay' - in a way.  It doesn't mean they are gay gay - just in the fashionista rock-star sense - although ...  The name of the group is pretty much playful, as in 'what if the Eagles went Death Metal.'  That is totally not serious.

Actually, I kind of liked the group and thought Jesse Hughes was pretty cool in a weird way.  I can see why Parisians might like the group.

Anyway - continued prayers for the victims and survivors at Le Bataclan and the other attacks in Paris this past week end, and for those in the weeks to come.

*Nothing to do with 'cool' - I just thought I'd comment on the group since some people online are getting superstitious about their name.  Being an American group, and seeing that a concert is a fairly 'soft target' - that's probably what attracted the attention of terrorists.

I could be wrong.


  1. 'what if the Eagles went Death Metal' ha! That is pretty ... well gay.


  2. Oh - wait - I saw statements from the 'music community' - they said this was a terror attack on music fans.

  3. I understand the band had just began playing "Kiss the Devil" when the shooting commenced.

    1. I remember at Altamont, the Stones were playing Sympathy for the Devil when shots broke out - 1 person killed I think? I may have my facts screwed up.

    2. I'd forgotten about that!


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