Sunday, November 15, 2015

On a lighter note ...

I watched the Democratic Debate last night.

I liked Bernie Sanders - I liked some of the stuff he had to say - no more American meddling in other countries for regime change, for instance.  I totally agree - remember when Bush did that?  Now look at the world.  I also like it that Sanders talks like Larry David.  If he gets the nod he really should have Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a running mate - she has that experience already.  I like her too.

Hillary is a tired old lady - I don't understand why she's even running.  Same old same old crap.  She seems to have a problem with honesty, sometimes I even think she lies.  They say she won the debate.  I don't think so.

I like O'Malley but I don't know if he could win.  If he gets the nod - he'd give Putin a run for his money.  He's the best looking - so that counts for something, right?

There is not one Republican I'm interested in.  If Trump get's in - that's it.  It's the end of time.  Or the chastisement.  No, it will be the end of days.  


  1. If Trump gets in the borders will be closed. No more Mexican Rabbits for the Rabitowitz family to compete with in doing yard work. They'll make more money that way - what kind of currency do bunnies use anyway? 14k?

    Bernie Sanders is a socialist. If he wins, the governor loses his trust fund, the store formerly known by his last name becomes state property and has even a more generic selection of products than it does now, and there will be long lines at the grocery store.

    I'm less concerned with regime change in other countries than a president who will do things to help this country. I don't think a socialist will help the economy, secure the borders, boot the illegals, eliminate H1B visas, and seriously restrict immigration.

    The old lady feels entitled to win because she wants to be president. If it weren't for those meddling kids, she'd be president right now! What? The sleaze to whom she's married wants another round of White House interns for his entertainment, not realizing that if his wife is the president, the interns won't swing that way.

    I don't know anything about Martin O'Malley. Generally, I think it's too early to focus on elections that are nearly a year out.

    1. Bernie Sanders socializes? So what? He couldn't nationalize Dayton's because macy's already wrecked it. Anyway - Socialist countries have department stores.

      You just think Trump is hot - you like his hair and how he talks tough.


    2. Do they sell anything anyone wants? Are their sales restricted to the elite?

  2. Hilary is everything that is wrong with feminism.

  3. Stopped voting Democrat many years ago. They do not speak for me at all. The Republicans are all milquetoast and shrill has beens. I have voted for some and have only ever been disappointed.

    Hilary, schmilary ... so hungry for power that I turn her off every time she opens her mouth to pontificate just how self-important she truly believes she is and we all better get with her program or else ...

    She is one woman who has never struck me as a soft, womanly feminine type. Maybe she has it but I've yet to see it .

    Anyway, we Americans are too spoiled and too fat to budge from our comfort zones. It's everyman for himself until I am personally threatened.

    The beauty behind all of this cynicism of mine is that even in the darkest moments of our weakness and ego, the light of Christ shines forth and it cannot and will not ever be extinguished.

    Our God reigns!

  4. I pretty much echo your thoughts. There is so much I like about Bernie Sanders, but he is adamantly pro abortion and pro gay rights, so I can't support him. I've never liked Hilary, and as you say, none of the Republicans are really worth the time of day. But Trump! Truly the end of time if he is elected. I don't personally know one person who supports him, so who are his supporters?

    Fascism lives in America.

  5. I would vote for Hillary before I voted for the Donald. And I'll never vote for Hillary.

    An election song we can all get behind:

  6. One of the most important duties of the President is appointing federal judges to the bench, and providing US Supreme Court nominations. Before you decide who to vote for, and before deciding you would rather not vote, please give consideration to what types of judges you want on the Supreme Court. This is very important.

    1. Good point. Reason #237 not to vote Trump.


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