Thursday, November 19, 2015

A week from today is Thanksgiving.


  1. you Terry, again, so as not to scandalize anyone, in a totally disinterested way..

  2. Don't remind me. I'm scared.

  3. the Other thing about Thanksgiving and all that driving to & fro, for some: 'tis the time for deer leaping out at cars ! One leaped, I mean it, leaped up on the hood of my car last week. I think he may have lived.....I was going 20 mpi, in the midst of much traffic, 5 min. from home, it is the Third time this has happened. Some never even have a First time. Thanksgiving subsequently terrifies me, every year. I have too much love for God's innocent creatures, which precludes people. At one church I frequent (only when Not this time of year) the little chapel is the St. Hubert Chapel: and there is a lovely stained glass window with, of course, St Hubert, and the deer, with that cross alight between his ( the deer ) antlers. *sigh*. Be careful, people. They are out there. Just waiting. No big meal is worth it.


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