Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You are coming from a great tribulation...

The Holy Father said something on his return to Rome.

I cite it because so many contemporary 'prophets' speak of a great shaking, a storm, or tribulation ... begging the question - what has been happening all along?

He also explained the reason for his meeting with the United States episcopate in Washington D.C., where he felt the need to express to the prelates his compassion with regard to cases of sexual abuse. “A horrible thing”, he said, “and many suffer because they did not know about it and are true men of the Church, true pastors. … And I spoke to them using words from the Bible, from the Book of Revelation: you are coming from a great tribulation, because what happened was a 'great tribulation'. .. I would say almost a sacrilege. … We all know that abuse has occurred in many places: in families, in the neighbourhood, in schools, at gymnasiums … But when a priest commits abuse it is very serious, because the vocation of the priest is to make that boy or girl grow in God's love, towards emotional maturity. And instead this is crushed, it is damaged. And this must not be concealed: those who have covered up these events are equally guilty. It is dreadful. And the words I spoke were not intended to say, “Don't worry, it's nothing”. Instead I wanted to say, “It has been awful and I imagine you have wept a lot”. This was the meaning of what I said, and I spoke firmly”. - VIS
What does Peter do?  He strengthens and confirms the faith of his brothers.

Today a website is running a story on Evangelicals warning Catholics away from the Pope.  Catholic sites have run anti-Papist stories for the last week - mocking every word and gesture of the Holy Father.

That is extremely troubling and leads many away from the Faith, from the Sacraments, from the Church.

"Have you not made distinctions among yourselves and become judges with evil designs?" - James 2


  1. Are you calling into question the judgment of one of Trump's supermodels?

    In all seriousness, for those Catholics who are mistrustful/have an uncharitable view of the Pope, read R. R. Reno's helpful interview with America magazine. It will help you understand him better.


  2. Mr. Wolf,

    Thanks for the link to Mr. Reno's interview. I am reading it off and on and find it quite good. Blessing to you and your little family. ^^

    As for the abouve quote from our Holy Father, well, I found that part of his speech quite edifying as well.

  3. Dr. Robert Moyihan is reporting that the Pope had a secret meeting while in Washington with Kim Davis. Read it first at this link http://insidethevatican.com/news/letter-38-2015-kim-and-francis. This will be big news in the coming days if accurate.

  4. Tonight at RCIA I taught about Creation and the Fall. The Fall was all about disobedience and pride and wanting to be like God. Not much has changed with Catholic bloggers since Creation has it....


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