Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Penitent St. Jerome

The old man beat his breast with a rock
in penance for being a jerk 
and his sins of the tongue.

What heavy handed Catholic writers and apologists and bloggers could learn from this guy...

Whether people read us or not - we will all be judged on every word we say or write.


  1. Is that Faye Dunaway? I may have spelled her name wrong but boy was she a great actress in her prime, I am sure you know she converted to the Faith and is a daily Mass goer since then at least that's what I remember reading long ago. ^^

    I am caught up with Downton Abbey after having watched the first two episodes of the final season. Still one on my all time favorite shows. The clothes are just fabulous.

    I am rambling I know but well, after midnite on the West Coast and had to give my support to the great St. Jerome since I relate to him. I am trying to rid my tongue too of gossip and chismes and rumores. It is a challenge especially since my poor mom and tias love it too. I even remember my grandmother engaging in the neighborhood gossip and boy did we learn lots. ^^ Ah!

    Probably old gossip by now except it seems to be true ... it seems Papa Francis met with Kim Davis. WOW!

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  3. I remember Belinda always said we'd be judged on every website we visited. Or something like that...


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