Monday, September 28, 2015

The Blood Moon - it's over.

1/4 of humanity has been wiped out.

I watched the whole thing.

I saw a UFO too - neighbors said it was a drone - and then they all disappeared - the neighbors, I mean.

The UFO remained stationary for a time and then vanished.  My canned Ham radio jammed, so I couldn't pick up any signals bouncing off the moon.

I'm the lone survivor in my neighborhood.  My house was spared.

If you are still alive and still have money after the Global collapse, please contact me ASAP.

Thank you.

I'm OK - I'm OK!

Song for this post here.


  1. Nothing but cloud cover here. All of DC was spared.

  2. There was a full moon last night until. suddenly, the sky was completely black. No idea what I'll find when I venture outside.

    1. Well if that picture of the "beefed up cake guy" is any indication ... no thanks. ;p

      On the other hand, I read the interview that Papa gave while on his way home and it was just grand.

  3. Glad you made it through, Terry. I was hoping the Judgement wouldn't start with you. Or, if it did, that God would give us a decent guest blogger to take over Abbey Roads in your absence. It's better you were spared.

    At least we can take off our "Oh My GOSH!!! What if It's TRUE!!"-list.

  4. People will think you're joking. But there isn't a single armadillo left on the Monterey Peninsula!


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