Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cleanse me from my unknown faults. - Psalm 19, Today's Responsorial

I prefer the other translation, "From my hidden sins, acquit me."

"We should see all the events of our lives, whether agreeable or painful, in the light of faith in order to live truly by the spirit of faith...
In the injustices of men which we may have to undergo, we would also often discover the justice of God and, when wrongly accused of faults, we would see a well-merited punishment for hidden sins for which no one reproves us. We would also comprehend the meaning of the divine trials and of the purification which God has in view when He sends them to us." The Spirit of Faith and Its Progress, Garrigou-Lagrange

"From wanton sin especially, restrain your servant; let it not rule over me." - Psalm 19

"If your ____ causes you to sin, cut it off." - Today's Gospel.

How attached we become to our sins. They rule us.  We are so attached they become part of us.

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