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The feminist Patheo-gen and the contagion of immodest dress ... A follow up in defense of Bishop Tobin.

The corruption of society can be traced to immodest fashions...

Recently the women at Patheos protested Bishop Tobin's invitation for parishioners to reconsider how they dress for Mass.

Women in revolt.

From the mid-20th century on wards, the Church has consistently counselled women about immodest fashions. Women have consistently ignored the admonitions.

As a public service, I would like to re-post some standards of dress for Catholic women and mothers who scandalize their husbands (if indeed they have one) and children.

Marylike Standards of Dress:

1. "Marylike" means modesty without compromise -- "like Mary," Christ's pure and spotless Mother.
2. Marylike dresses have sleeves extending to the wrists; and skirts reaching the ankles.
3. Marylike dresses require full and loose coverage for the bodice, chest, shoulders, and back; the cut-out about the neck must not exceed "two fingers breadth under the pit of the throat" and a similar breadth around the back of the neck.
4. Marylike dresses also do not admit as modest coverage transparent fabrics -- laces, nets, organdy, nylons, etc. -- unless sufficient backing is added. Fabrics such as laces, nets, organdy may be moderately used as trimmings only.
5. Marylike dresses avoid the improper use of flesh-colored fabrics.
6. Marylike dresses conceal rather than reveal the figure of the wearer; they do not emphasize, unduly, parts of the body.
7. Marylike dresses provide full coverage, even after jacket, cape or stole are removed.
8. Marylike fashions are designed to conceal as much of the body as possible, rather than reveal. This would automatically eliminate such fashions as slacks, jeans, shorts, culottes, tight sweaters, sheer blouses, and sleeveless dresses; etc. The Marylike standards are a guide to instill a "sense of modesty." A girl or woman who follows these, and looks up to Mary as her ideal and model, will have no problem with modesty in dress. She will not be an occasion of sin or source of embarrassment or shame to others. - Catholic League 

Cardinal Siri.

In 1960 Cardinal Siri advised the clergy and faithful of Genoa regarding immodest fashions for women, including wearing men's clothing - trousers.  In view of these adaptations assumed by women and how they dress, is it any wonder that gender ideology has emerged as a result?  Or transvestism by gays and lesbians?  Or the fact that women let themselves go and become morbidly obese - much like Burgermeisters of old?
I. The first signs of the collapse of civilization is the use of men’s clothing by women and girls, even mothers of families.
First, with regard to covering the female body, the wearing of men’s trousers cannot be said to constitute in itself a grave offense against modesty, because trousers certainly cover more of a woman’s body than do modern skirts. 
Second, for clothing to be modest, however, it must not only cover the body but also should not cling too tightly to the body. It is certain that some women’s clothing today fits more closely to the body than trousers, but the latter can also be tight fitting – and in fact generally are so. Therefore, wearing such tight fitting clothing causes us no less concern than exposing the body. Thus it is that the immodesty of men’s trousers on women is one aspect of the problem that must not be left out of a general judgment on the topic, even if it should also not be artificially exaggerated.
II. There is, however, another aspect of women wearing trousers that seems much graver to us.
The wearing of men’s dress by women primarily affects the woman herself, first by changing the feminine psychology proper to women. Second, it affects the woman as the wife of her husband by tending to corrupt the relations between the sexes.Third, the woman as the mother of her children loses dignity in the children’s eyes. Each of these points should be carefully considered. 
  • Masculine clothing changes the psychology of women
  • Women wearing men’s clothing tends to corrupt the relations between the two sexes - Read more here.*

Dressing like a slut. 
There is a saying that in proportion to the amount of flesh mortal sin seems to increase. This being the case, one would assume that at least our Catholic women and girls would have the good sense to ALWAYS wear clothes that tend to conceal, rather than reveal or call attention to the body. This moral dress code should be Universal, just as our Church is Universal or Catholic. There should be no excuse for moral dress codes being different just because a person lives in a different country; either a person is dressed decently or he is not! True Roman Catholics should wear decent clothes that would show they are conscious to the fact their bodies are "temples of the Holy Ghost". 
Women often deny that their semi-nude attire is the source of numerous and serious temptations to the opposite sex. Some reject any responsibility for leading others into sin. Others try to cover their own guilt by such statements as: "He must have a dirty mind. Scanty attire in men doesn't affect me at all. Why should men be tempted by the scanty attire of women?" When a woman is dressed immodestly, she becomes the temptress for men. Remember Our Lord's words to men who fall prey to such allurements: "Whoever shall look on a woman to lust after her hath already committed adultery with her in his heart." (Matt. 5:28) Indirectly, immodest woman are included in this indictment, being cooperators with the sins of men. God has made woman beautiful and attractive to men so as to fit with His plan for procreation in lawful wedlock. As a result of Original sin, mankind must constantly struggle to regulate this attraction. Unless both men and women fortify themselves by prayer, sin quickly enters their immortal souls. - Source

*Women in men's clothing also tend to use bad language and freely discuss immodest subjects online.


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  1. Honestly though, it depends on the occasion. I know the dress code for some of Terry's favorite European beaches is a little different than that for tea with the Queen.

  2. I remember a priest friend telling me that during Mass, he had to really guard his eyes/himself since if a woman crossed his path, he would inadvertently think, "oh, tight pants" and remain distracted for the rest of the Mass.

    Dresses are nice but if they be skintight to the point of advertising the woman is wearing a thong, forget it. ;p

    I wear pants but they are respectful and not once did I ever think I would ever turn into a man let alone a lesbian because of them.

  3. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Our Lady of Fatima to Jacinta: Certain fashions will be introduced which will offend Our Divine Lord very much.

    You think she needs to lighten up?

  4. Burgemisters? Don't you mean hirsute flabmeisters? Lol! Funny though, thanks to your post, I see it being equally used for both sexes.

  5. Now in seriousness, I get your point on the Marian standards of dress, but that stuff creeps me out because that is heavily enforced and associated with those cultish Christian groups/families and even the Siciety of St Pius X. If you willingly do it out of love for Christ, fine, but I find those standards are more part and parcel with cults and radical groups than willingly adapted out of Love for Christ.

    Say I have an idea for a follow up post: those Marian Standards, pants, etc. and radical Traditonalists/SSPX

  6. Skirts reaching to the ankles?? Was this written in 1899???

  7. Marylike standards of dress: always wear blue, paste look of fond melancholy on face, hold arms at 45 degree angle from sides at all times.

    1. LOL! I knew you could do it.

  8. . I don't know the answer but the very modest Amish have a divorce rate probably under one percent and they make great potato salad....and elbow macaroni salad both sold at Walmart but don't buy Walmart tomatoes...I think they get a deal on senior citizen tomatoes that go bad quick.

  9. I had a really funny riposte but rethought it. I'm sure there's a middle ground between belly shirts and hot pants and kerchiefs and floor length dresses. Somewhere around bra straps showing and a sufficiently high collar. What would St. Paul do?

    1. Veils - covers everything. ;)

  10. Did Jesus wear trousers? What...?


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