Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Attention Catholics Looking for a Permanent Chapel/Church: Minneapolis Church For Sale

Church For Sale
Southwest Minneapolis

The former Lutheran church turned Seventh Day Adventist church across the street from me is for sale.

Ethiopian wedding party at the church.

I've written about it before when the church rented to Ethiopian Orthodox on Sundays - Seventh Day Adventists worship on Saturday.  The Ethiopians moved to another location - although I would be happy if they came back.  I'd be happy if any Eastern Orthodox moved in.

In fact, I would be even more thrilled if the SSPX was able to buy it and take it over for a chapel/church in Minneapolis.  The Church has space for community functions or even a small school.  At this time, there is only one SSPX chapel in the area, and that is in St. Paul, for information on that chapel go here.

Please let people know this church is for sale.  It would be perfect for a small Catholic religious community as well - an Association of the Faithful perhaps.

Ron Moss: 612-466-7307


  1. I posted this on the Catholic group of my Facebook page. You never know were the possibilities will come from.

  2. Terry why the heck are you hoping the SSPX moves in? They have slapped the Face of Holy Mother Church in rejecting canonical acceptance and they purposely are divisive from HEr. Why don't you contact the fSSP and get them to have another church as their seminary is overflowing

    1. I know - but the FSSP would have to get permission from the local ordinary and there already is a FSSP church on the North Side. Likewise, the local parish church is about 8 blocks away - so another parish wouldn't be well accepted - esp. since the archdiocese has closed several churches. My childhood parish was sold and has been turned into a mosque!

      Whatever the status of the SSPX their consecration of the Eucharist is valid - meaning the Blessed Sacrament is the Blessed Sacrament and it would be reserved in a church right across the street from me! "SSPX priests are able to celebrate validly the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist (because they can celebrate a valid Mass)."

      Their canonical status wouldn't hinder me from walking across the street to visit the Blessed Sacrament.

    2. They may have a technically valid priesthood to confect the Eucharist but it is highly illicit and made in violation of Holy Morher Church. Further they have no valid sacramental ministry in the Church. You know Terry I came to your site because you were against radical traditionalism but this promotion of yours is sheer hypocrisy

    3. I'm sorry Julian - I'm not really supporting the SSPX by this - the point was the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament and the fact I wouldn't want to live across the street from a mosque.

      I'm not up on all the intricacies of the SSPX and what they reject or accept - so I apologize.

      I am very much against radical traditionalism and the anti-papist sentiment associated with them - but as far as I can see that's pretty much standard procedure among all sects - including Catholics claiming to be in union with Rome - "right here in River City" - you know what I mean? You've been reading the blogs calling Francis an idiot, a heretic, a communist, a false pope - written by graduates of Stuebenville and other U.S. Catholic colleges?

      Amazing stuff.

      I'm with the Pope. I'm with the Church.

      In my neigborhood there is one Catholic parish, two Lutheran churches, a Congegationalist, a New Age Universalist Temple, a Pentecostal (anti-Catholic) church, the closing 7 Day Adventist (they think the Pope is the Anti-Christ) - so you see, if a non-Apostolic faith moved in, I would be disappointed.

      Ethiopian Orthodox would be fine - or another Orthodox would be fine - in union with Rome - would be great. Since SSPX have a valid Eucharist - I was thinking it would be better - because Eucharistic devotion isn't typical in the Eastern tradition.

      I'm not interested in following the SSPX - I would not attend Mass there, nor would I support them - I would continue to attend my parish - which hasn't always been the most observant BTW - but it is Catholic.

    4. I should say, non-Apostolic, non-sacramental, non-liturgical, non-Catholic - I wouldn't like that.

    5. Hey Terry. Thanks for the apology. It's just that these guys and their quasi-trad brethen still "canonically valid" but lingering around in the Church make ALL Traditoonalists look bad. We definitely need a revival in faith and FSsP and the Latin Nass are part of that New Evangelization. SSPx and these Radicals Misrepresenting Trads bloggers just only deface all that is good with the Latin Mass and prevent people from diving in. Trust me i k ow this first hand in many ways. I'd tell you more one day, just look up my email from my blog.

      Long story short we cannot aid in the promotion of dissent and schism from these groups/individuals so I get really upset when this does happen. Thanks for being understanding. God Bless!

    6. Ah! Thank you Julian for your understanding and calling me out - I was able to flesh out my meaning that way - which sad to say was a bit desperate - I'm praying St. Joseph to keep the church from falling into the wrong hands. Maybe a nascent Catholic diocesan group could buy it?

      I appreciate your comments my friend. God bless you.

  3. There is much confusion around the SSPX group. Are they validly RC or not. Certainly they are break away and considered schismatic. They consider priests ordained under Paul VI rubrics invalid and so our Euchrist invalid. They have some rigid beliefs and are seriously anti-Semitic. Not a group we need to validate or promote. Serious problems in doing so and adds to general confusion. As an aside, the SSPX where the only group to preside at the recent funeral Mass for Fr. Bruner of the Fatamia Apostalate fame. He was not officially one of them and by their rules not validly ordained. Still they gave him a priests burial. A little hypocritical but a strategic move to infiltrate Fr Gruner's lucrative movement. It is very controversial within that group right now.

    1. Meant Fr. Gruner the spell check preferred Bruner and I did not catch in editing.

    2. Sounds more confusing than I thought. I stay away from reading much on the SSPX - I wasn't aware they consider priests ordained under PP VI invalid. Is that true? I wonder how/why Fellay would be in discussions - on and off - with the Holy See then?

      I think some Catholics have suggested the SSPX is worse than Satanists - at least one priest said as much about those who protested the Black Mass in Oklahoma. That's a bit off in my opinion.

      From my understanding - the Holy See - Popes Francis and Benedict greatly desire the SSPX to be reunited with Rome - in fact it has been stated they are not schismatic and the excommunications on the bishops lifted. These details can be found online of course - and as I told Julian - I do not study or know a great deal about the intricacies within the SSPX, but to condemn them more strongly than the what is said by the Magisterium seems to me excessive.

      I have no interest in their interpretation of Vatican II or their pre-Vatican II dictatorship on proper ecclesiology, but I would prefer their inhabitation of the church across the street from me over Protestants or Muslims.

      Fr. Gruner, God rest his soul, was misled as far as I can see, and formed a cult out of the Fatima apparitions and messages, and essentially endorsed some of the positions taken within the SSPX. Interestingly enough his name was mentioned around the Time Pope Francis became pope, if I recall correctly - he corresponded with the Pope when he was Cardinal. I never heard what the pope thought of him. That said - I've never followed his version of the Fatima 'apostolate'.

      I am so far off the SSPX/Fatimist beaten track - I apologize for presenting as if I endorse that stuff. I suppose many are misled, but I have to wonder about those likewise misled by so many dubious apparitions and mystics, while still in good standing with the Church, or those many suggest are CINO or Cafeteria Catholics - left and right, who pick and choose what they accept or believe in. Know what I'm saying?

      All of that said - I do not want a mosque in the church across the street from me. :)

  4. Disclaimer: I'm in no way associated with the Real Estate company representing the property. I'm just a neighbor.

  5. If you google SSPX there is a boat load of information about them. The more you read the more you will see they are far right of the present day church. They represent the Church of the last century in lituragy and dogma. I do not believe there will ever be a reconciliation with Rome. The window of opportunity has passed. There is nothing ecumenical about them, quite the opposite, they are critical of the Pope and very anti-Semitic in teaching and practice. They are a small group who are very self righteous almost cult like and yes only pre Vatican II priests have a valid ordination. Apparently Paul VI altered the ordination rite along with the Mass and they consider both invalid because of that.

    1. Thanks Wallace. I checked out the chapel in St. Paul - across the river - they have 300 families - not a big following, Perhaps they will die out as a movement. There are Old Catholics in town - they ordain women and are very liberal.

      All of these sects and cults mystify me.


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