Saturday, June 27, 2015

Remain calm: The United States has approved marriages in conflict with Catholic teaching for decades ...

I knew that.

I've said the exact same thing before - and I'm not even a canon lawyer or anything - just a blonde.

Fr. Z records Dr. Ed Peters as saying what every Catholic should know:
[T]houghts re the Supreme Court decision on ‘same-sex marriage’:
First, we need to recall that the State has long recognized as married some persons who are not married, namely, when the State allows divorced persons simply to remarry. We have lived with persons in pseudo-marriage for many decades; so now the pool of such people is larger. The pastoral challenges in consequence of this latest decision are greater as will be the sacrifices needed to meet them. But so far—and this is a key point—State power has not been applied to try to force Churches or their faithful to treat as married those who, by doctrine or discipline, are not married. - Read the second here.
Common sense, ladies and gentlemen.

We knew this was going to happen.  Get a grip.  As I noted in my last post there has been lobbing within the ranks of Catholic laity, professionals, clergy, and the hierarchy which paved the way for this sensitivity and acceptance of all things gay ... Always Our Children ...

Don't be too worried about people coming forward to marry their cat or the little boy next door - the transition is not complete until non-discrimination is the law of the land: Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA).  Not all states are on board with non-discrimination in the workplace, hiring, public accommodations, housing, and so on.  That's where things can get dicey.

The Catholic Church doesn't marry civilly divorced and remarried couples, neither are they allowed to receive Communion at Mass - that has always been the case - officially, and will remain so despite what worried Synod observers claim.  I doubt there will be pressure on the Church to perform or bless same-sex marriages or openly approve same-sex couple reception of Communion.

No.  The problem will come with hiring, housing, school admissions for children of same sex parents, the choir director getting married to his partner and getting fired, Catholic assisted living facilities denying housing to same sex couples maybe?  Probably - and that's where the troubles will ignite.  Most of us believe that it is illegal to refuse to hire a person or rent to someone based on sexual orientation - but that is not the case - it is not the law of the land.

Maybe anti-gay rhetoric from the pulpit or in Catholic newspapers will be challenged as hate speech - but any attempt to force Catholic churches to hold gay weddings seems unlikely to me.  Especially when there's always some Catholic priest willing to do it privately or in a chic non-denominational setting - just as there has been free-range bishops willing to ordain women.

Quell the panic.

Besides - there's still gender-ideology to contend with.

It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings.

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  1. I read an article yesterday (on EWTN) that Mexico's Supreme Court has also passed a law recognizing same sex unions. The article quoted an Archbishop from Yucatan as saying, " we will not obey nor recognize this law even if it means going to prison. We cannot go against God's law."

    I watched a video interview with the son of Billy Graham, on Fox news and he pretty much said the same thing and warned us that he believes a Christian persecution is coming as a result of this ruling.

    I will admit my mind was/has wandering all over the place...what if? what will happen? how come? Anyway, I have to think clearly now with both feet on the ground and with my self, well, at the foot of the Cross. Only safe refuge to be amidst all the chaos and clamor and confusion.

    Thanks Terry for the solid articles and for your thoughts on all of this.

  2. Adultery is one thing -- sinful but in the realm of what is normal on the natural level. Recognizing perversion as marriage is on another entire level of sinful lust. The Bible recognizes that making it one of the sins that cries to heaven for vengeance.

    Women killed their babies before Roe v. Wade, but that didn't mean it wasn't a cataclysmic decision. This one, I think, is the same. No one should lose hope, but they sure better get ready for the persecution! And the push is already on for polygamy and polyandry.

  3. Terry, with all due respect I think you're being woefully naive on this. Having said that, from your lips to God's ears.

    1. Thanks Mitchell, I think so now too.

    2. The more I read today - the more I realize how woefully naive I've been.

    3. The more I read today - the more I realize how woefully naive I've been.

  4. We've had legal gay 'marriage' for quite a number of years in Canada but no challenges to the Catholic church yet to force any priests to officiate at any gay 'weddings'. This might change if the crap I see on Facebook is any indication. I am not sure how much longer I can stay on FB with everyone giving their profile picture the 'rainbow treatment'. Half of me wants to post papal quotes and photos and the other half wants to just ignore it and not give it any attention. The whole thing is making me sick.

    1. Me too - sick of it. The reality is hitting home because of it however. I think things will get worse fairly quickly however. I still think demands will be made upon Catholic institutions to concede benefits and accommodations. I think gender issues will command approval as well. The dogma of faith will not change but there will be those violating it. It's very much 'now' the warning of John Paul II as the struggle is "between the Gospel and the anti-gospel, the Church and the anti-church between Christ and the antichrist. The confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence. It is, therefore, in God's Plan, and it must be a trial which the Church must take up, and face courageously."

    2. "The writing is on the wall" as they say. I have seen pictures online of the White House and a few other capitol cities with their lights on in the color of the rainbow. God's promise to Noah has been hijacked and now being misused for sins that caused many to perish in those two towns that the Lord sent His angels to destroy.

      The MSM is beside itself as they report breathlessly, over and over and over again, "how grand it all is that love has triumphed."

      We all know that yes, Love has triumphed but it is a love that is not of this world but born of the Cross to which we are called.

      Let us pray to not be swayed. Let us pray for those who are walking this path, help those who want help, and lift up those who just don't care and live for the moment.

    3. I saw the lights on too. Excellent insight on God's promise to Noah.

      Pray for those who now have no one to pray for them because they don't think it's a sin.

    4. And to add to the weirdness of this weekend - I get a phone call today from the husband of my Evangelical (but dying to be Catholic) friend. He 'terminated' our frienship, had read emails I sent her (in which I always encouraged unity with hubby) and I bet he'll be throwing out all the books I loaned her. Oh well, it's only paper. So the Left hates the Church and so does the Right. I don't think I ever appreciated JPII as much as I do this very minute. I know he's praying for us.

  5. <>

    I don’t see it that way. The rainbow is only a sign of God’s covenant, not the covenant, the promise, itself. The Covenant was established between God and every living thing on this earth – and unconditional. It‘s based on God’s faithfulness alone.

    The devil indeed always attempts to present a false light, a false image. He’s a counterfeiter. But he does this with most things we come up against in life.

    God said to Noah “…for in the image of God man was made.” But we know that satan will always attempt to disfigure God’s creation, especially mankind. So we face the daily temptation of losing sight of God in others, and when we do this it is ourselves who have been hijacked along the way. But God’s promise remains firm. :)


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