Saturday, May 02, 2015

ISIS Strikes Again. This time Yasidi

More than 300 Yazidi prisoners have been slaughtered by Islamic State militants near Mosul in Iraq. 
According to the Yazidi Progress Party, hundreds were murdered by Isis on Friday in the Tal Afar district, although it is not known how they were killed. 
Around 40,000 people were kidnapped at gunpoint when the terrorists attacked Yazidi villages last summer. - Daily Mail


  1. Thank you, Terry, for keeping us abreast of these crimes against God and humanity. May the Lord convert the hearts of these murderers.

  2. My prayers to all the Yazidi women and girls who were kidnapped almost one year ago and never heard from again. Some were taken from their husbands and little children, some raped and then killed, many more are reported to have been sold into slavery for sex.

    This group of people, the Yazidis, have known persecution for centuries according to news reports. I pray for them always and look forward to the day of their Redemption along with those of my many brothers and sisters who are Christians and have lived and worked those lands for centuries...the peoples of Ancient Mesopotamia come to mind.

  3. This specific form of Islam that ISIS follows has very well read apologetics people who defend each atrocity with precedents in their magazine...Dabiq. It is worse than any criminal gang on earth although some months, the Mexican cartels came close. I pray for the victims and for ISIS weekly since August but I believe based on probability that thousands of ISIS have died and gone to hell forever...."if the just man is scarely saved, where will the ungodly and the sinner appear?" I Peter 4:18
    Luke 13:24...Christ..." many shall seek to enter in and shall not be able".
    Matt.7:23...Christ...." I never knew you, depart from me you evildoers".
    Yes God can save at the last instant ( " Do not marvel at the works of a sinner; but trust in the Lord and wait for his light. It is easy with the Lord in an instant to make a poor man rich" Sirach11:21). But how probable is that for every single murderer on cannot be used to contradict Matt.7:23 etc.
    We are to pray for all murderers but not as to contradict the dire passages which imply that there is not a universal do children hope for in a game.


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