Thursday, April 30, 2015

Man Crisis Intervention: Every man MUST wear a beard.


Now that is manly.

ISIS mandates that all the men in Mosul grow a beard.

The Islamic State (IS) group has reportedly issued a decree ordering all men in the Iraqi city of Mosul to grow beards on the grounds that the shaving of facial hair is haram (forbidden) under Shari'a law. - Source
Forget about suits and ties - women wear those now - but they can't grow a beard before menopause.

Islam clearly has no problem with Emangelization.

Alert Catholic media!


  1. Can't help notice "emangelization" has "mange" in it.

    E-mange. Like e-cigs.

  2. Also has the word "mal"...means evil in Spanish and by the looks of the guy's face and eyes, that is what comes to my mind.

    Let us keep praying for the conversion of so many who have taken up the sword.

  3. Is it a full moon or are you off your meds again? What?

    1. I'm going all Jeffrey Smith.


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