Sunday, February 15, 2015

Canonization approved for Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified, OCD

“Holy Spirit, inspire me. 
Love of God consume me. 
Along the true road, lead me. 
Mary, my good mother, look down upon me. 
With Jesus, bless me. 
From all evil, 
all illusion, 
all danger, 
preserve me.”

Great news from the Consistory.

Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified Baouardy was born Maria Baouardy in Abellin, a village in Upper Galilee, near Nazareth, in 1846 of Arab parents. She was baptized in the Melchite Greek Catholic Church. From early youth she experienced many sufferings together with extraordinary mystic phenomena. In France, she entered the Carmel of Pau. She was sent to India to found new Carmels, and then to Bethlehem, where she died in 1878. She was beatified by St John Paul II in 1983. - Vatican Radio

Every time I'm tempted to doubt - heaven provides a sign!  This is joyous news.  Bl. Miriam, aka 'the Little Arab' is a wondrous saint - a wonder worker.  Her history is the stuff of medieval hagiography - her life itself was miraculous.  She is a sign from heaven in our times of crisis.

An excerpt from a biography of her life:

Little Mariam Baouardy, now known as Sister Mary of Jesus Crucified, was professed on 21 November 1871 as a Carmelite Religious. Prior to that action she was subjected to severe supernatural adversities. One of the most terrible was diabolic possession for a period of 40 days. She persevered in her simple child-like faith in God the Son and His Holy Mother Mary. Her rewards were those reserved for the most privileged of humans. She was fixed with the stigmata of her crucified Savior, experienced levitations, transverberations of the heart, knowledge of hearts, prophecies, possession by the Good Angel, and facial radiance. Again and again she would say, “Everything passes here on earth. What are we? Nothing but dust, nothingness, and God is so great, so beautiful, so lovable and He is not loved.”
Sister Mariam of Jesus Crucified had an intense devotion to the Holy Spirit, Possessor of the Truth without error or division. Through the Melkite Patriarch Gregory II Sayour, she sent a message to Pope Pius IX that the Church, even in seminaries, is neglecting true devotion to the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete. Her prayer to that great Unknown was: “Holy Spirit, inspire me. Love of God consume me. Along the true road, lead me. Mary, my good mother, look down upon me. With Jesus, bless me. From all evil, all illusion, all danger, preserve me.” This simple prayer has gone around the world. - Finish reading here.


  1. This post made my day - thanks! :)

  2. Hurrah! That's great news. I love her little prayer:

    "The whole world is asleep, and God so full of goodness, so great, so worthy of all praise, no one is thinking of Him! See, nature praises Him, and man...who ought to praise Him, sleeps! Let us go, let us go and wake the universe...and sing His praises!

  3. That is wonderful news. I've read about her and her life; how her neck was almost totally severed, her vocal-cords badly damaged, how the Blessed Virgin Mary came and took her to a cave where she herself cured her and made her a 'most delicious soup'. Thanks for the post!!...


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