Friday, December 05, 2014

Just because something is kitsch doesn't mean it is tacky or bad...

Just a note from Alix*, our Music Director.

A lot of religious art is kitsch.  It doesn't mean it is bad or can't lead to devotion.  Even John of the Cross says God sometimes uses humbler images to detach us from a too natural preference or vain attachment to what we consider fine art.

Christmas decorations are generally considered kitsch.  It doesn't mean it is artless or tacky.  Not at all.

So - if I have ever referred to something you like as kitsch - I wasn't suggesting it is worthless or tacky or of no value.  After all, one man's kitsch is another man's art.

Many of us online believe we are arbiters of taste - we are not.

It's good for donations too.

Song for this post (Ms. Kitsch) here.

*Alix pronounced Ah-leese.


  1. My favorite statue is a little angel with a beach ball with the words "August angel" on it... because I was born in August. It was given to me for my First Communion. Pure kitsch! Some people criticize Lourdes for all the kitschy gift shops but I think it is great that they have such variety. And I love the glow-in-the-dark statues and rosaries!

    1. I fell in love with all the religious shops in Lourdes - that was in the '70's and they were rather charming.


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