Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Warm Christmas Wishes from Bill Donohue and the Catholic League ...

H/T Mark Shea 

The always friendly Catholic League...
Bill Donohue introduces the Catholic League’s 2014 Christmas billboard:
For the past several years, we’ve been engaged in a battle of the billboards with our atheist foes at Christmastime. The typical venue has been New York City, the media capital of the nation. This year we chose to put our mark on the culture by making a statement in Los Angeles, right outside of Hollywood. - Catholic League

Action alert in the billboard war: after all, Christmas is all about fighting.

The Catholic League is known for the tasteful ambiance
surrounding their Nativity scenes.

Listen!  We're not putting up with these
filthy Christian-haters any longer!
They will celebrate Christ in Christmas
or there's gonna be hell to pay!

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