Thursday, December 04, 2014

That's it! Pope Francis fires the Commandant!

Poor guy - it's tough to get fired during the Holidays.

Pope Francis sacks the head of the Swiss Guard (they're like the Army Knives) - for being too strict!

He has dismissed and demoted cardinals, bishops and the Vatican secretary of state, and now Pope Francis’s reformist zeal has claimed a new scalp – the head of his own private army, the Swiss Guard.
In a dispassionate one-sentence notice, the Vatican’s official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, announced on Wednesday that Daniel Anrig will no longer serve as the commandant of the 500-year-old corps after the end of next month.
No official explanation was given for the decision, but it was widely rumoured that the Argentinean Pope, who has established a warmer, more inclusive style of governance since being appointed pontiff in March last year, found the commander’s manner overly strict and “Teutonic”. - Source
Well doesn't that just say it all.  Too rigid - indeed.

I'm seeing a pattern here.



He wants to go
commando? - let him!

H/T Ray


  1. Sigh...couldn't he wait until after Christmas? That man may have a family too.

  2. What the story didn't say is that the Vatican would put the State and Federal Govt to shame in the employment practices. Nepotism is wild there....(people can actually hand jobs down to their relatives once they leave) so I am sure this is just a demotion, not a firing and most likely will not have a change in compensation.

    Plus, the guy must have done something bad to piss Francis off..which is not something one should do or they will find a foot planted firmly on their ass.

  3. Is it not a contradiction-to fire someone for being hard is a hard and rigid measure..
    There must be another reason surely


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