Monday, December 01, 2014

(Gay) People are really damaged.

Lie may be a little harsh - dissembling might be a better choice.  What?

Today's Gospel about the Centurion asking Jesus to heal his slave has been interpreted by some gay people as a gay encounter with Christ.  Writers suggest the Centurion and his slave were lovers, although there is absolutely no exegetical evidence for this claim.  The story is promoted by LGBTQ Christian group to illustrate how Christ approved of same sex relationships - or at least showed no objection toward them.  It's part of the new gay mythology or hagiography - which suggests various saints and martyrs were gay.

I've written about these things in the past so I'm not interested in spending time attempting to refute such claims.  I tend to find revisionist thinking rather annoying, but this morning I was struck by what it says about us - not just gay people, but all people who look for some sort of affirmation, validation, and approval of our fallen nature.  It is a deeply flawed, damaged person who needs to appropriate such delusional - disordered thinking.  The desperate are easily deceived.  The good news is that Jesus came to save us from all that... to undo the damage - to heal and restore.

I'm not patronizing or trying to be holier than thou when I say it, but I really do feel sorry for those of us who can be so easily misled by such distortions.  I can't help but recall what Paul wrote to the Galatians: But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!

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Gay people tend to think everyone is gay.  It is why people are outed, or those who attempt to reform their lives, and even claim they are gay no more, are shamed when they fall from grace.  (Here's a thought - what if those people who say they are gay no more were never really gay in the first place?)

Yesterday I caught part of a PBS concert with 2Cellos,  a Croatian virtuoso cello duo, consisting of Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser.  I think Elton John discovered them and promoted them.  They are two lifelong friends who work together very well - so close they are like brothers.  Evidently everyone asks if they are gay - Elton says they are not.  People still think they are.  That is distorted, disordered thinking.  It is clear evidence of damage.  How we perceive others is based upon deeply flawed notions of friendship, especially same sex friendship, as well as human relationships in general.  Our understanding of love and affection is completely disordered, damaged by eroticism and the objectification of grace and beauty.

This is why gay-Christians can distort a simple Gospel story and translate it as Christ approving of homosexual acts and same sex marriage.  This is why I say (gay) people are deeply damaged - no matter how balanced they seem to be, no matter how successful they appear.

Trash your gaydar - it's flawed.


  1. This is an excellent example of a self-righteous "religious" person attempting to define the lives of millions of people, who most of which are probably not even part of his religion, for them. Now Gay people should wring their hands, lose sleep, and have nerveous breakdowns because they have been labeled as "damaged" by a religious extremist. No, what they should do is keep on trying to lead productive and happy lives and completely ignore this utter nonsense !!!!

    1. But, Miss May, gay people wring their hands, lose sleep, and have nervous breakdowns all the time *without* Terry's reflections. I ask you, do woodchucks chuck wood? Is there truly a farmer in the dell? Is there a Bomb in Gilead?!? Just try chairing a staff meeting with three gay organists (probably all celibate) sometime. I had rather face down somebody from ISIS who is swinging a foot-long Bowie knife any day of the week than a really p*ssed off gay dude. That is terrifying! (I will now retire to my corner. Thank you, Terry, for putting up with me.)

    2. Fr. Frank..that was one of the most honest and hilarious comments I have read..Let's just hope Derek,Tarquin and Andrew don't read it..or you in danger gurl!

  2. I agree with all of that, and especially with the over-all 'objectification of beauty'. One of the things I like about where I work: the residents are all pretty beat-up looking, and only a very few are still concerned with their clothing, hair, et al: consequently, with a level playing field, so to speak, all of us must see past and Into each other - truly.....we see the inner beauty, or inner torment, no longer disguised.
    Terry, alcoholics do this too, this....oh ! now that I see I am an alcoholic, look over there, there's one too, and there, also...
    I just keep wondering: What The Hell happened to create this huge up-surge of gay-ness ? even if the percentage is not all that high, in keeps feeling intimidating wave.

  3. work with the Spiritual Friendship people?


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