Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Pictures I like and have used, or will use, or use all of the time... or not.

I was going to use this photo for 
a series I wanted to begin online
but a friend told me I couldn't
steal his thunder.

I title this one: Disgusted.

All women used to look exactly like this in the '50's.

This is perhaps the only authentic photo of me 
which exists online today.
It is exactly how I look.

This photo explains why I left home in senior year 
and never, ever went back.

I was saving this to use one day...

The joy of Holy Communion.

My reaction to many people online.

Storia della sedia gestatoria e Papa Argentino.

No women allowed.  Ever.


  1. Every single picture is great and can really tell a story. Your being suave and debonair is of no surprise...I always knew you had it in you.

    A handsome fellow indeed and holy one to boot!

    A combo made indeed for heaven!

    Gracias, Terry!

    1. Thanks Yaya - please read my reply to Elena.

  2. "This is perhaps the only authentic photo of me which exists online today.It is exactly how I look." Wow is that REALLY you, Terry?

    1. Only when I use the alias - Eric Metaxas.

    2. Of holy troll, you! <3

    3. ROFl ... Big Time ...

      Nice selection of winning photos

  3. I've seen him in person, or at least a man claiming to be Terry Nelson. The 70's photo is him; he still wears that outfit and has preserved his mother's peach polyester pantsuit for posterity.


  4. I've seen that 'communion' photo before. It was from an illicit communal reconciliation service at Joan of Arc in Minneapolis, wasn't it. Or it's Cathy of Alex.... ;-)

  5. Laughing so hard.

  6. Hahahaha! I needed that!


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