Monday, October 06, 2014

The Family in the United States - Can it survive genderqueer?

"Oh Billy, we want you to wear it,
that dress looks much prettier on you 
than it did on Tommy anyway."

The Synod Fathers - do they know this stuff?

The Synod on the Family embraces the challenges to family life all over the globe, although in many places around the world there may not be as much confusion regarding sexuality and gender issues as there is in the 'decadent' West.  Yet what is played out in media finds its way into the furthest reaches of every culture, no matter how remote, sooner or later.

So.  Do the Synod Fathers even know about gender ideology?  It is one thing to accept the homosexual person "with respect, compassion and sensitivity" insuring that "every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard" is avoided - but what about the wider repercussions of this general acceptance.  In 2003 the CDF still regarded "homosexuality (as) a troubling moral and social phenomenon, even in those countries where it does not present significant legal issues..."  In a relatively short time, homosexuality now presents 'significant legal issues' - with unexpected consequences...

Zeam Porter speaks about being forced 
to play basketball on the girls team.


Last week on local news I saw the story of a Minneapolis high school junior, Zeam Porter, who identifies as genderqueer, making an appeal to change rules to permit transgender students to play on the teams they believe they belong on.  Confused?  Me too.
Zeam Porter, a high school junior who identifies as “trans genderqueer,” spoke about the psychological struggles of being “forced” to play on girls’ basketball teams. Porter stopped playing basketball after last season.
Porter, who broke down while speaking, said it hurt listening to those opposed to the gender identification of transgender people.
“It’s like, ‘I respect transgender people, but ...’ ” said Porter, who declined to name the high school in Minneapolis. “The ‘but’ is what I’ve been hearing my whole life. All I hear is, ‘You are problematic; you’re wrong.’ ”
Porter supports the policy, calling it “a great start” and believes it will be approved Thursday. But a policy might not bring Porter back to the court.
“I am not sure; it would be hard to be the only trans member on the team,” Porter said. “Sports were also very traumatic for me, although I still love basketball and do play pickup games.”
While Porter and other supporters said the policy would affirm transgender athletes by sending a message that the high school league recognizes their challenges and aims to provide a positive experience, opponents criticized the proposal as too vague. - StarTribune

Earvin Johnson III with boyfriend.

Beyond gay.

That same evening I saw a story on Magic Johnson's son.  It was an interview - I only watched it a few seconds.  The son identifies as gay - so far, at least - but I'm thinking 'genderqueer' is a better fit.  I may be wrong of course.

These people have parents/family who accept and approve their children's condition as normal.  It goes beyond transgender - obviously - it also goes beyond the classical understanding of homosexuality and same sex attraction.

It affects every aspect of society and culture - and family.  Across the U.S. it is having its impact upon schools, businesses, the workplace, calling for new regulation and legislation, and so on.

The consequences of redefining marriage and family, sexuality and gender, are here.


  1. Because we recognise the physical reality of Family, we can also identify the people/relationships within it - parent, child, mother, sister etc. Gender denies physical identity, meaning it has to deny structures (Family) that include physical identities.

    We moved from sexual identity (body) to 'sexual orientation' (mind in relation to body). Gender identity takes the final step - mind in relation to mind. Seen this way, I would say the notion of 'sexual orientation' is a kind of catalyst, easing the conversion from sex/body to mind/Gender. We have to get back to realising that the body itself has a sexual orientation - marital.

    Daniel Moody

  2. Terry, what do you think is the proper reaction to this?

    1. "The consequences of redefining marriage and family, sexuality and gender, are here."

      How nice and what a luxury it is to discuss such "hot button issues" in our wanton and wayward society while the rest of the world burns and is slaughtered, raped, and plundered.

      How am I supposed to care about this kind of stuff when churches have been desecrated and completely destroyed? Why should it matter to me what these folks who claim to be transgender/homosexual feel when our brethren in the Middle East and elsewhere can no longer attend Mass nor receive Holy Communion yet alone live with some sense of peace and dignity in the comfort of their own homes?

      I read this piece and it just plain irritated me to see how spoiled we truly are. What a sad fate awaits us here in the United States if we do not, the lot of us, repent of our ways.

      Let personal conversion begin with me because right about now, I have no compassion for the transgender "let's reinvent the family" folks.

    2. Yaya, this is not just a side issue. Yes, there are some terrible life and death situations in other parts of the world, but the "hot button issues" in our society are also life and death even if not as apparent. This issue is destroying the family, which destroys individuals and society as a whole. Today, with the Supreme Court granting same sex marriage in five more states, we are several steps closer to this becoming the law of the land. I truly fear that when same sex marriage is considered a constitutional right - which will happen - anyone who opposes it will be considered a lawbreaker. I believe that when that happens, the Catholic Church - which will always be in opposition to the homosexual movement - may very well be outlawed and forced to go underground.

      We live in very serious times.

    3. I know it is important but if I am to be honest, I don't care about what these people want since they will have their way anyway. I reads the news this morning that homosexual unions will be recognized in 30 states! More than half of the U.S. already!

      I read that and just blew my stack. I have to remain strong because I wish not to become bitter since all I could think about was WHY? And all I got was...PRAY!

      Birth control, abortion, homosexual rights/marriage, (no such thing as homosexual marriage), now being spread more and more...across our land.

      So what else? Bestiality? Will I be allowed to marry my dog?

    4. I wasn't so angry over the story but I did a huge eyeroll - which is why I contrasted it with Magic Johnson's son - in some photos they almost resemble one another. The point here being these 'kids' are making choices for themselves, they are using outside references (gender-stereotypes) to define their sexual identity. It's a sham - a fraud, they are seriously deluded. It is totally unreal.

      Anyway? What to do?

      The Church needs to be listening and compassionate and loving - and stalwart, steady, rock solid in Her teaching. Preaching the Gospel without compromise.

    5. Terry,

      As long as she, the Church, remains as you say she should, then I support her 100% because to support her is to support and defend the truth!

      I am in no mood for half-hearted attempts at the truth nor watered down "maybes" from certain bishops.

      If the Church goes that route...or if some of her children do, I remember quite clearly what the Lord has said, "so, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth."

      Anyway...I am done. Off I go to pray and to hope and to retreat.

      Have a great and prayerful week everyone!

  3. It has come to my family as well. We are at sea. I believe there is some mental illness involved with the person in our case. It is very difficult to know how to simultaneously love, tell the truth, and protect our family.

  4. Well, it certainly isn't fair to allow a "genderqueer" who's male (real life XY DNA) to play on girls' teams. Think of a man on a girls' wrestling team. How can any young woman compete against his strength. Same with swimming. want to make the Olympics? Just be a male identifying yourself as a female. Does anybody think that won't happen? Remember the heterosexual guys who got "married" to win rugby tickets?

  5. "the body itself has a sexual orientation - marital." That's excellent. Mary Ann, you make an excellent point, too. I think I read somewhere in the last month about a transgendered 'woman' boxer winning her match, but at the cost of pummeling to a pulp the actual woman competitor. How is that in any way fair / just / or just plain sporting? Yeah, let's watch a woman-who-used-to-be-a-man but who has the same genetics and strength as a man, beat the hell out of a genetic woman and call it ok? How is that any different than a football player beating his girlfriend up in an elevator?

  6. Only a truly decadent culture could spend time on such things.

  7. I must lead a sheltered life because I have no idea what 'genderqueer' means. Anyone care to explain?

    1. Don't feel alone Angela - I think it is just coming to the surface. I'll try to post links when I write on this stuff to help readers understand. These issues are directly related to the disintegration of marriage and the family and the promotion of homosexuality as normal.

  8. But does it mean a transsexual who changes their privates from their actual sex to the opposite but then thinks they are gay? Why is this world sooooo hung up on sex?

    1. To some extent it's beyond all that. The definition from Urban Dictionary offers a concise understanding:

      Genderqueer is most commonly used to describe a person who feels that his/her gender identity does not fit into the socially constructed "norms" associated with his/her biological sex.
      Genderqueer is an identity that falls anywhere between man/boy/male and woman/girl/female on the spectrum of gender identities.

      Mary doesn't feel that s/he fits the mold of any one particular gender; therefore, Mary identifies as genderqueer. - Urban Dictionary

      All I can say is 'disorder'.


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