Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Confusion in the Church is mind boggling ...

"Deadlock over remarried divorcees?"
Does that mean John the Baptist 
and the English martyr's died in vain?

After beginning with the Spirit,
are you now ending with the flesh?
Did you experience so many things in vain?

if indeed it was in vain. - Today's 1st Reading Gal. 3:1-5

I have never seen anything like it.

It is almost unbelievable.

Like sheep without a shepherd - I get that now.  Totally. Get. That.

Prayer of Queen Esther.

 “My Lord, you alone are our King. Help me, who am alone and have no help but you ... - Book of Esther


  1. The sliver of good news is that the info we are getting about the synod is largely spin; the "synod of the media" as opposed to the actual synod proceedings (to borrow Pope Benedict's distinction about Vat II). Unfortunately, the Vatican press office and plenty of prelates are complicit in this "synod of the media".

    Leaving that aside we are also seeing the fruits of poor seminary training for the last fifty years as well as the apostasy of much of the theology establishment in academia. Many of the bishops who have offered troubling speeches are simply applying what they learned forty years ago.

    My final thought is that many prelates lack the virtue of supernatural faith, and that is what I find shocking.

    1. That is a very harsh judgment, and remember, we will be judged as we judge others. Matthew 7:2 - "For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again."

    2. Ugghh. I give up.

    3. Don't give up. Just realize that Our Lord has actually made it pretty easy for us. He said we should make sure we personally have it together and not to worry about others. We can't read the hearts or minds of others, so don't judge. You don't have to agree with everything that is said by Church hierarchy or anyone else. but don't judge their souls, which is what you are doing when you say the bishops lack the spirit of supernatural faith.

    4. Hi Scott,

      I'd say your interpretation of the situation is very much on target.

      Phil Lawler has two interesting articles on the Synod on Catholic Culture. He is not particularly optimistic. The first is titled "Shuffling the Deck Chairs." The second is titled "The Debate is Free, Open (and Censored). I think he's one of the most sensible and realistic voices in the Catholic media. You can check the articles out at

  2. So if one finds that shocking we should be praying for them and hoping that despite what the "spin" is, God's will will be done.

    When I prayed my rosary today, I reflected on the Synod and remembered from our long Church history that "shocking" is nothing new.

    Instead, I asked our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, to accompany and to guide and to remind, once again, her little sons the way of truth, faith, charity, and love.

    I asked her to remind them to stand for truth no matter if it goes against the world.

    I asked her to remind them of what she told the servants at the wedding feast at Cana:

    "Do whatever He tells you."

    That is my prayer and that is my hope!

    Our Lady of Hope pray for us!


  3. Yaya wrote, "Do whatever He tells you." Exactly!!!!

  4. Seems to me that the biggest problem is that we have too much instant communication. The Church has always been a messy place. I'm sure it was just as messy at the very first council of the Church when they made the decision that the Church was not bound to Jewish observance. Think of the Arian heresy when so many accepted this lie. And don't forget the very first crisis of the Church which happened when Our Lord died on the cross and everyone thought, game over.

    We need to remember that we walk by faith and not by sight. The Church is in the hands of the Holy Spirit. He has been, is and always will be in total complete control.

    If you are feeling agitated and upset, remember who is always at the root of such feelings. Spend some time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. That always gives me peace of mind.

    1. Me thinks I like you.

  5. Robert Royal has some very interesting coverage on the Synod at First Things. One article
    points out that the Synod is being portrayed as a "debate" over doctrine with the implication that doctrine can be changed -- the same situation that existed between the close of Vatican II and the election of Pope John Paul II. I lived through all that confusion and we are still living with the bad fruits. Let's pray that we don't get an entire year of people being given false expectations of change that result in the same kind of dissent that greeted Humanae Vitae when the doctrine was upheld..

  6. I will say that I personally applaud the non-use of tights by men in present days as compared to as seen in the first pic. Unless it's underarmor of course...

    1. Yoga pants for men. I think Badger wears them. What?


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