Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Penitents Day

Penitents Day...

I say that  because today is the memorial of St. Thais (she made a bonfire of all of her slutty outfits), and St. Pelagia (a celebrated dancer and courtesan), both former harlots who repented and lived a penitential life afterwards.  Obviously the language of "repent and believe" was not too harsh for these girls - contrary to what Vatican spokesman,  Fr. Thomas Rosica had to say summarizing the work of the Synod Fathers and the need to avoid the "harsh language" traditionally used in Church documents*:
"To label people ... does not help in bringing people to Christ... our language has to change in order to meet the very difficult situations." - NCR


  • "Living in sin": a reference to couples who live together without benefit of marriage.
  • "Intrinsically disordered": a reference to homosexual acts.
  • "Contraceptive mentality": a reference to cultural conditions spawned by the deliberate separation of spousal love, or the separation of the marital act from the possibility of procreation.  I think Planned Parenthood represents the contraceptive mentality quite well.

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  2. "To label people ... does not help in bringing people to Christ... our language has to change in order to meet the very difficult situations." - NCR

    I would say the tone needs to change. In some of my experiences, during confession, the priest lacked charity and compassion when giving me any sort of "spiritual advice." His was a tone of condemning "or else."

    One priest told me all "you people think about are your genitals" while another one said, "your brother is a cancer in the family."

    I have prayed and forgiven but I can understand if one is weak and seeks spiritual counsel and is talked to in this manner...out the door they go.

    I like what Father Thomas had to say and agree with him since I know what it means to be spoken to in a harsh manner. I took it on the chin but many will not and just dismiss the Church outright. Many do anyway, doing what they want because, "its just between me and God."

    I will be happy with the bishops agreeing to tone down the speech, use the word of God when seeking to help folks understand the truths of the faith and be patient, compassionate, and merciful.

    Yes, there are many priests already reaching out, but there are many who are not and then again, there are those barely hanging on.

    Let's keep praying.

  3. One more thing so we are clear and no one claims I am a toning down I do not mean "watering down" that is unacceptable to me. I give the bishops the benefit of doubt they are not going that route either...God forbid.

    1. Those priests were not helpful at all! I've never encountered that sort of thing. I've encountered priests who impatiently said I didn't need to confess this or that, and when I was in my teen years a priest yelled at me - but I've never run into things like you experienced. That's sad. No wonder people don't want to go to confession - those priests need to listen to Pope Francis.

      Incidently, I think Francis really must address himself more to clergy and those responsible for teaching the faith.

      Personally, I have no problem with direct language - sin is a disorder. No surprise.

      Living in sin - living without benefit of marriage - so get married and receive benefits. No problem.

      Contraceptive mentality - it's a nice way of referring to an adulterous generation.

      It's interesting this focus on terms and language when new labels seem to be invented on a daily basis. How many of my readers knew about pomosexuals and genderqueers, or therians and bears before reading my blog. ;)

      (Doughboy excepted.)

  4. Thanks Terry. For me it went from one extreme to the other. Two, who were friends, would hear my confession, give me absolution and then ask if I was in a hurry and would chat with me in the confessional while others were waiting and many times would engage in gossip.
    I have to smile at that but know it was sinful behavior. My listening to their stories did not help matters.

    I prefer direct language myself since I have no patience for "beating around the bush." Why shy away when if what I am doing is wrong (no use in pretending it is not) is said in the language of the Church?

    Like I said...tone is what matters too.

    Pornosexuals? That's new. I once knew a really handsome guy, with a great personality, who was considered a great catch except for his love of porn. ^^ In many ways, women just cannot compete with porn. That's the "other woman" that will almost always kill a relationship unless one is into it too or your man gets help.

    Bears? Old news...therians? What are those?

    Anyway, I do not wish to derail this thread. I look forward to more news from the Synod and have been following it closely on YouTube and in the Catholic news I find trustworthy.

  5. It's actually pomo-sexual. I don't really know much about it. Therians are people who think they are really animals or animal spirits.

    Porn is indeed the other woman and one the real woman can never live up - or down - to. In fact nothing can take its place for those addicted to it.


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