Friday, October 03, 2014

Blessed Charles of Austria-Hungary and Empress Zita... Kneeling for Communion.

The Emperor and Empress kneel on the bare railway tracks.

A friend sent me this photo yesterday.  October 3 just happens to be the tenth anniversary of the beatification of Blessed Charles of Austria.

Upon seeing the photo I immediately thought of the following story I had seen on Fr. Z's blog:

I received this text message yesterday (Sunday) from a young man who is a member of “Juventutem” and had to go to Seattle for work. When he went to mass there, this is what happened:
“In the Seattle Cathedral I was just denied communion kneeling and made a scene of. He eventually, after a minute standoff scoffed, said I ought to learn obedience, and then threw the Sacred Host sideways into my mouth.” - Fr. Z

Punished for kneeling.  Imagine. 

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