Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cardinal against Cardinal: Heads exploding over the Synod.

Everything online has been, is, and will be about the Synod...

I suppose it's something to write about and get passionate about - but I don't see how all the arguing and name calling and fear mongering accomplishes anything?  Phantom fears.  How can worrying and complaining about something that hasn't even happened yet be profitable?  "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

Of course, it really is our business to discuss it - especially since "there is a sensum fidelium" worth considering. Cardinal Kasper pointed that out in his interview.

Contrary to what his critics have been saying, I think Cardinal Kasper actually makes sense.
“Everyone is free to express their own opinion, that's not a problem for me. The Pope wanted an open debate and I think that this is something new and healthy, which is very helpful for the Church.” - Cardinal Kasper Interview, CNA

Although he wasn't happy about the book written by the five Cardinals.  It seems to me that book, zealously promoted by Fr. Z, would come under the heading 'free and open debate'.

One thing the Synod will most definitely have to address is the problem of homsexualism, same sex marriage, gender ideology, and other screwed up concepts aiding and abetting the destruction of the family.

“Maybe I was imprudent. But many people are saying so, 
you can hear it in the streets every day. 
I don't want to judge anyone, 
but it is obvious that there are people who are not 
totally in agreement with this Pope, 
something that is not new and already happened 
during the Second Vatican Council, 
when many where against the aggiornamento 
of John XXIII and Paul VI.” - Kasper

Fr. Z fisks the Kasper interview here.


  1. "Synod fever." It will kill you - or something.

    1. Not only kill but before that, cause insomnia, stomach ulcers, and uncontrolled anxiety. Plus, since it is being reported that the gates of hell have been opened, the evil one is really delighted and dancing right about now because we are all so caught up and feverish over the "many Church squabbles" and all while the worlds burns.

      He delights in the fact that we neglect our time with the Lord and our regard of neighbor since we just have to be online to read the latest Church happenings...and to see what "Father so and so" has to say and whether or not "so and so" has won the argument over "so and so" regarding how evil Pope Francis is and how he is wrecked the Church.

      Whatever...I am gonna pass and do my best to pray.

      Papa Francis had something very good to say to me this morning...well, to all of us for that matter:

      “No more overdramatised complaints: Let us think about the real tragedies out there”



      I'm not making light of the current situation with regards to the upcoming Synod. I hope for the best outcome but I cannot be bothered with all the online drama from the constant bitter and negative folks. I could respect them if they toned it down, changed their tune and/or asked for prayers rather than try and maligned those who disagree.

      Mr. SM ain't helping matters either. His vocabulary is underhanded and reeks of smear-like tactics. That's just my opinion and nothing more:

      "Francis’ selection of Blase J. Cupich ( in the photo) as the new pastor of the third-ranking diocese in the U.S. has plunged this particularly dynamic component of American Catholicism into a profound depression, almost to the edge of a nervous breakdown. It is enough to scan the reactions of the websites and bloggers of this area to grasp the embarrassment and disappointment over the appointment."

      If that's not stirring the pot, I don't know what is then...here's the rest.


      Anyway, like Mr. Wolfe, I am going to take a break too and cut the spam on your blog and try my best to
      remain hopeful and positive and always trusting in the Lord Jesus and His Saints.

      p.s. Those dwarfs or gnomes are mighty scary and vicious looking...best to steer clear! ;p ;p

    2. “No more overdramatised complaints: Let us think about the real tragedies out there”

      Best advice ever! Thanks.

  2. Replies
    1. Sandro Magister, a bomb thrower in the first degree.

      The very fact that this Synod has come under such vicious attack and it has not even strarted yet tells me that it is of utmost importance to the Church and the world because the Enemy is doing everything he can to stop it or at the very least to discredit it and use it to divide the Church.


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