Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Refugees fleeing advancing Islamic State militants flooding Turkey ...

Story here.

My first thought when I looked at this photo: "St. Joseph and the Child Jesus on the flight to Egypt."


  1. Ah....beloved St. Joesph always holding the infant Jesus in his arms. What an honor and what a grace to have him watching over the Church and over us. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Mary!


    I know I blow my stack lots but St. Paul came in loud and clear again..."in all things give thanks! Rejoice in hope, endure in affliction and preservere in prayer!"

    We truly are living glorious times. We, who are blessed to live in areas free of conflict, have been given the grace and the privilege to intercede for our many brothers and sisters suffering in the world. We have been chosen from all eternity to pray, to suffer with, and to never forget our brethen who go before us for the sake of the Cross!

    It occurs to me that if I stumble, someone, somewhere, is praying for me to rise up and start my journey all over again. I want to and hope to do the same for my many brothers and sisters who have been called upon to shed their blood, to suffer for the sake of the world, who have lost it all in order to gain it all.

    God is so good to me!

    I thank you again for your blog and for the grace of sharing our faith walks with you and you with us.

    Yes, that is St. Joseph holding little baby Jesus, the Word made flesh. <3

    How I hope that as we press onward, we too will hold Him close so as to endure in affliction and rejoice in hope until He comes again!

    Gracias, Terry!

  2. God save this poor man and his little child...God help us to save him...God save us all!


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