Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Matt Talbot

Matt Talbot
T. Nelson, 2014

I never posted the finished painting - this is the final version. I added a marble ledge as often seen in medieval works.  I thought it would add another dimension to the composition and relate to the color in the Crucifix scene.  I also obscured the background for a misty, drizzle effect, allowing the figure to stand out more from the background.

Ven. Matt Talbot pray for us!


  1. Terry - it's absolutely wonderful!!!!

  2. I like it so very much Terry - I especially appreciate that gentle halo. I must ask: coming from a long-line of alcoholics, where is this shrine, and can one visit ? I learned recently that a woman my mother sponsored for many, many years in AA has had a number of 'slips' in recent years. One can never become complacent....about any one of our oh-so-numerous vices.

    1. Philadelphia. I can't recall the church, and the shrine has yet to be erected, installed, established - but it is in the works. A gentleman from Calix contacted me. That is all I know at this point - I will be shipping this week - then he's out of my hands. I'm told the unfinished image has already spread online.

      I'm from a long line of alcoholics as well.

  3. A beautiful piece of work and one worthy of your talents, Terry!

    Gracias, for sharing it with us.

  4. The drizzle effect makes the image look very Irish.

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  6. Very nice! The bridge within the bridge looks like the Madonna is looking over Matt's right shoulder.


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