Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Was Pope Benedict XVI forced out of office?

The first attempt.

This is the most outrageous thing I have read to date: Benedict XVI was forced from office.
All indications are that those who orchestrated what looks more and more like a hostile takeover of the papacy couldn’t even muster the patience to put on a good show at the conclave in order to hide the appearance of having preselected Jorge Bergoglio well before the doors were even locked. 
No… Pope Benedict didn’t depart for reasons of physical and mental health, and there’s not a Catholic this side of brain dead who is still buying that lie.
Second attempt.

I know!  Here's an even better comment from that post:
I’ve read blogs wherein individuals claiming to be Argentines say that Bergoglio had a network of spies working at Rome since c. 2000 and that their main duty was to gather information that could be used to coerce or blackmail Cardinals into voting for him in the conclave. 
Also, a report which said that once made AB of B.A. he moved 70 million euros from B.A. to the Vatican Bank. Since the Vatican Bank provides for the livelihood of most of the residential Cadinals, I suspect this was a bribe to buy the papacy. 
I am also concerned about the reports that in the 30 days after the abdication, various high level clerics close to Obama offered Cardinals in the third world the promise of US Aide funding in return for their votes for Bergoglio. 
All this needs to be investigated by the general public.

Names have been withheld to protect the guilty.

I knew it!


  1. I have found that they have two common points which they inevitably come to - more or less.

    1. Casting ambiguity on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, either conclusively or leaving the question open of shady goings on figuring into the resignation and election of Francis.

    2. The claim to some kind of "inner knowing".

    Watch for those two things. They inevitably come up.

  2. Laughable tripe..yet we all know there are folks who believe in such stuff. I have family members who would fall and then seriously discuss this outrageous merde. (pardon my French) >x<

    Whoever wrote this must be a very a sagacious observer of all things Benedict...yeah sure.

  3. Louie Verrecchio is a die hard traditionalist, and he is representative of a small but very vocal minority in the church who are basically schismatic in their thinking. These people reject the validity of Vatican II and what they call the "Novus Ordo" Mass. Mark Shea quoted Karl Keating last week about a Remnant Newspaper article in which the author tried to prove that Pope Benedict only gave up half of his papacy - the administrative half - but is still otherwise pope, thus invalidating the canonizations of JPII and John XIII and giving us all reason not to otherwise listen to or obey Pope Francis.

    These people are constantly criticizing Pope Francis and the Magesterium. They have, in effect, become their own magesterium. I truly fear there is a schism coming, especially when such radical sites as Pewsitter put people like Verrecchio front and center as if it is serious news.

    The Church is the only place of safety and sanity in the world, and the Evil One is doing everything he can to either keep people away from her or draw them out.

    We are in very serious and dangerous times.

    1. The lies that are spread are an insult to the integrity and the holiness of Papa Emerito Benedict. He is such a beautiful and gentle man, but rock solid and ever faithful. I am sure he knows just as Papa Francis knows, the lies and the confusion that is spread about them both.

      But alas...nothing new under the sun with these folks who have built "their church on sand" since they seem to reject the current "Rock" upon which our Lord Jesus has built His Church. Anyway, if everything that is said by them is true, they will have to answer for it all on the Day of the Lord as will we all.

      Speaking of the devil, here are too relevant topics for consideration:

      "The Pope emphasizes the need for unity within the Church during the audience: divisions are a grave sin, the work of the Devil; in parishes let there be no more “gossip and envy”

      And here by Msgr Pope:

    2. I never heard of Verrecchio until Scott W. mentioned him once - I haven't read much from him - I just saw the headline on Pewsitters and my curiosity got the best of me. The excerpts here made me laugh.

    3. I am not referring to Papa Francis as the devil! God forbid! I am referring to the evil one who provokes and then cackles that some spread his lies among the sheep with gossip and envy and I would add pride.

  4. Come on people, don't be naive. That gentle, spiritual facade hides the fact that Pope Francis is the J.R. Ewing of Popes! Spies, blackmail, bribes..its all there my friends.

    Seriously, Why Benedict is not my favorite Pope, he doesn't look like the kind of guy who would be forced into doing anything. Plus, don't these people always complain about the Church of Nice? Well, if Francis is wheeling and dealing his way to the Papal Throne that is what they got!

  5. "Plus, don't these people always complain about the Church of Nice"

    They sure doo plus they can read our hearts and minds too...beware! All you need do is look around online and you will see that the commentary confirms this.

    For starters...I am going to start wearing a tin foil hat to foil those who presume to know what my mind and heart are thinking. ^^

  6. Francis is staying in the guesthouse so nobody slips him a cup of poison. He pops in for meals unexpectedly so they don't have time to arrange for poison.


    And Mack, if he's the JR Ewing of popes, shouldn't we wake up one day to learn that Pope Benedict's resignation and this papacy were a dream?


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