Monday, August 25, 2014

Quick Takes? Isn't that what women bloggers do? My stats are down and so instead of bitching about Kat's hits - I thought I'd do this. What?

7 Quick Takes.

15 reasons why you will never regret sleeping in a bed...

  • -I did not read the original articles linked to here, and I suppose I should have written an alternative to fit my editing, but I didn't.

Pope Benedict XVI spoke prophetically about Kat...

  • -Kat wrote a post about Islam and got 154 comments - and a reputation.  I think I'm going to apply at Patheos.

The 26 best quotes from C.S. Lewis’ masterpiece "On Golden Pond"...

  • -My personal favorite: "Chelsea, you have a great big chip on your shoulder, which is very unattractive."

Don't be a sourpuss. Laughter is a sign of enthusiasm for religion, "The fool lifts up his head in laughter"...

  • -Well, it's from The Rule of St. Benedict.  

Can a man have sex after having a vasectomy?

  • -What?

 Scandalizing the holier than thou's at coffee and donuts...

  • -"So anyway, Corky was shopping for his wife Bonnie. He buys most of her clothes - and Mrs Pearl was in the same shop!"

  • -Now that makes more sense.

*H/T New Advent for never linking to me.

**No Bloggers were harmed by this post.  A link in a link.



  1. Top pic snapped just as Classy Freddie was informing the brunette to his left he hated her and her ass face.

  2. LOL! I could have missed this post if I were still on vacation. Never again!


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