"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Quick Takes? Isn't that what women bloggers do? My stats are down and so instead of bitching about Kat's hits - I thought I'd do this. What?

7 Quick Takes.

15 reasons why you will never regret sleeping in a bed...

  • -I did not read the original articles linked to here, and I suppose I should have written an alternative to fit my editing, but I didn't.

Pope Benedict XVI spoke prophetically about Kat...

  • -Kat wrote a post about Islam and got 154 comments - and a reputation.  I think I'm going to apply at Patheos.

The 26 best quotes from C.S. Lewis’ masterpiece "On Golden Pond"...

  • -My personal favorite: "Chelsea, you have a great big chip on your shoulder, which is very unattractive."

Don't be a sourpuss. Laughter is a sign of enthusiasm for religion, "The fool lifts up his head in laughter"...

  • -Well, it's from The Rule of St. Benedict.  

Can a man have sex after having a vasectomy?

  • -What?

 Scandalizing the holier than thou's at coffee and donuts...

  • -"So anyway, Corky was shopping for his wife Bonnie. He buys most of her clothes - and Mrs Pearl was in the same shop!"

  • -Now that makes more sense.

*H/T New Advent for never linking to me.

**No Bloggers were harmed by this post.  A link in a link.



  1. Top pic snapped just as Classy Freddie was informing the brunette to his left he hated her and her ass face.

  2. LOL! I could have missed this post if I were still on vacation. Never again!


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