Thursday, August 28, 2014

Catholic Identity Conference - where is the hierarchy?

Defending Catholic Identity in the reign of Pope Francis?  By the most exciting Catholic activists in the country?  I do not see one priest or bishop in the line up of speakers.  Although Rorate has this:
This will be the third annual Catholic Identity Conference. New this year are more priests involved with the daily traditional Latin Mass and talks, including from the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, Institute of Christ the King and Diocese of Pittsburgh. One new speaker on Saturday and two new speakers on Sunday have been confirmed, including this writer. - Rorate

Catholic in Brooklyn has a very good post suggesting factions within the 'Traditionalist' movement may be heading towards schism.  From all that I've read, I think they may be just a few essays/speaking engagements away from sedevacantism - which is pretty much the same thing.  CIB wrote this concerning a recent post from Verrecchio:
Verrecchio then goes on to tell us, with no proof whatsoever, that Cardinal Bergoglio was preselected "well before the doors [to the conclave] were even locked." This implies, of course, that Pope Francis's papacy is illegitimate and invalid and that Benedict XVI remains our true pope. - Traditionalists and Schism
Preselected.  That's a dangerous assertion.  If it doesn't veer towards sedevacantism/schism, it certainly foments doubt concerning papal authority.  This critical spirit is not at all new.  Save for the pontificate of Benedict XVI - which was not immune to traditionalist criticism - all the popes since Pius XII have been pretty much resisted by traditionalists.  It strikes me as presumptuous to assert oneself part of the remnant of true believers while rejecting the authority of the reigning pontiff.  


  1. "Verrecchio then goes on to tell us, with no proof whatsoever"

    Mr. Wolfe said it perfectly...
    " The current intellectual leaders of sede-vacantism (Drs. Kelly Bowring, Gerry Matatics, Fr. Cekada--not to mention the less savory characters) will have to answer for the little ones they've led astray. Lord have mercy."

    No need to add anything else.

    1. I find Mr. Wolfe to be a remarkable fellow. We always seem to be thinking the same thing at the same time. I hope I meet him someday.

      A well-placed source has confessed that he and Louie Verrechio are false converts to the trad cause, and once they lead trads far enough down the rabbit hole they'll do a dramatic expose a la Leo Taxil. He says that Louie favors girl altar servers, gives and receives communion in the hand and quietly weeps whenever he hears "Gather Us In". He also thinks kneeling and genuflecting are Medieval accretions that slow down our inevitable, universal progress to the Omega point.

    2. Gee whilikers! I spelled your fine name wrong. Perdon, but you are right on for "Mr. Wolfe" is a remarkable fellow.

      I may not always agree with him, but I have learned much from him. ^^

      Kneeling and genuflecting Medieval accretions? Well, that is all well and good for me as I favor both.

    3. I'm glad to hear you don't always agree with me. I don't always agree with me. ;-)

  2. I'm booked already to attend this conference. I'm especially looking forward to Duane Mandible's talk, "Deception in the Cardinalate: how Vatican II raped the soul of Trent". It looks to be some hard-hitting commentary, the likes of which Damian Thompson couldn't shake a stick at. It's going to be an invigorating time.

    1. Is Duane still single or has he met a nice bride from Malta?

  3. And then there's The Church Teaches Forum -- wish I had been there: two cardinals and two archbishops and a great report on it in The Wanderer by James Likoudis. Everything begun by Fr. John Hardon is gold!

  4. This is what's going on in Michigan 2 weeks from now.

    Call to Holiness

    I know, I know - crazy Novus Ordo types...

    Wish I could make it.

    1. And the Bishop is included. Where the Bishop is, there is the Church.

      Thank God for Archbishop Vigneron.

    2. "I know, I know - crazy Novus Ordo types"

      *Raises her hand*

      I wish I was close by so as to attend. Solid speakers all of them. I see Father Casey is going to be there and one will not go wrong with him around. ^^

      I hope all who attend will receive many blessings and an even more joy filled faith in Christ Jesus.

  5. Putting aside the particular assertion itself, how does the concept of a preselected papacy rank as a dangerous assertion, as something that veers towards sedevacantism/schism, or anything that could even remotely foment doubt concerning papal authority?

    Have you studied any of the medieval papacies? Nepotism wasn't unheard of. Benedixt IX even sold the papacy. If that doesn't count as preselection, I don't know what does; and yet the office survived those trying times. It will survive these times. But nothing Mr. Verrecchio said is new under the Catholic sun. You may disagree with this particular assertion, but it's hardly as dramatic as this post made it out to be.

    God bless.


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