Monday, August 25, 2014

Something to think about.


I was reading something from Garrigou-Lagrange on contemplatives and the life of reparation, and came across this on St. Benedict Joseph Labre:
If the priest ought to be another Christ, the simple Christian should also "take up his cross daily" and offer his sufferings in union with the sacrifice of Jesus perpetuated on the altar. He ought to offer them for himself and for the souls for whose salvation he should work. 
St. Benedict Joseph Labre was not a priest. He did not share, in the real sense of the word, in the priesthood of Christ, but he shared largely in His state as a victim. - Source
I can only hope in his prayers.

My special patron is St. Benedict Joseph.  I just read elsewhere (Wikipedia) that he was a member of the Franciscan Third Order.  He was not.  He was a Cord Bearer, like St. Bernadette, and St. Dominic.  He simply received the Cord of St. Francis at Assisi.

Benedict Joseph wasn't a monk or a religious.  He was a layman.  No initials after his name.  No honors.  Nothing.  He did not even know he was a victim.  He was called to follow the 'way of St. Alexis' - a homeless pilgrim - but it was simply a state in life.  He was a layman.  As such, after death he was enrolled among the saints as a 'Confessor'.  He confessed Christ with his life.  Like Christ, "he had no where to lay his head."  He was a man without status.

More than ever I need to recite this prayer from my heart:
Holy Spirit, inspire me.
Love of God, consume me.
Along the true road, lead me.
Mary my Mother, look upon me.
With Jesus, bless me.
From all evil, from all illusion,
from all danger, preserve me. 
"From all illusion, preserve me"

The Prayer is from Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified, the Little Arab, whose feast we celebrate today.  She is another patron of mine.

Extreme Humility

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