Friday, August 22, 2014

The Queenship Of Our Lady

Our Lady, Help of Christians,
pray for us.

    "With a Heart that is truly a Mother’s does she approach the problem of our salvation, and is solicitous for the whole human race; made Queen of heaven and earth by the Lord, exalted above all choirs of angels and saints, and standing at the right hand of her only Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, she intercedes powerfully for us with a mother’s heart, obtains what she seeks, and cannot be refused." - Pius IX

    "We have seen how Mary exercises her Queenship on earth. She exercises it in heaven also. The essential glory of the blessed depends on Jesus merits and hers. She contributes to their accidental glory—as well as to that of the angels—by the light she communicates to them, and by the joy they have in her presence and in the realization of what she does for souls. To both angels and saints she manifests Christ’s plan for the extension of His Kingdom. Her Queenship extends to purgatory also, for she prompts the faithful on earth to pray for the souls detained there and to have Masses said for them . . . Her Queenship extends to the demons too who are obliged to recognize her power, for she can make their temptation cease, can save souls from their snares, and can repulse their attacks . . . Thus her Queenship is truly universal."  - Garrigou-Lagrange


  1. ah thank you Terry....what I needed to think on today and all days. We are but Her subjects. The wonderful, moving images Man has made of Her holding the Infant Child - truly the image we can keep foremost in our minds, these days. We are in a spiritual war that is heating up.

  2. Oh ! the golden crescent moon: did you post that specific image for its uncanny similarity to the Nazarene image being used so much today - ?

  3. Praise Him for the gift of His Mother ... need Her so much!

    1. She's with you whenever you call. :)


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