Monday, August 18, 2014

The Holy Father offers to go to Iraq

From Catholic News Agency: 
Speaking to journalists aboard the Aug. 18 plane flight back to Italy from South Korea, the Pope noted the Holy See's diplomatic efforts to end the violence in Iraq, especially against Iraqi minorities.
In response to the question on Iraq posed by CNA and EWTN News Rome bureau chief Alan Holdren, Pope Francis said that a papal visit to Iraq was “one of the possibilities.”
“And in this moment, I am ready.” He added: “and right now it isn't the most, the best thing to do but I am disposed to this.” - CNA

This reminds me of Mother Teresa in war-torn Lebanon around this same time in 1982, when she arrived there amid fighting to bring St. John Paul II's message of peace.  Once there, and against all advice, she helped to evacuate retarded and handicapped children from a hospital.

Going out to the peripheries.  It is what saints do.

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  1. Not at all surprised his heart desires to be among his flock in such a war torn place but I suppose the risk is just too great. His faith is so strong as is his trust in our Lady's protection that it seems Papa Francis can go anywhere these days.

    Ah seems fitting, in my opinion, to hope to see our Holy Father among our brothers and sisters suffering so much at this moment.

    I hope you have read the Aleteia piece written by Fr. Schall:

    “Our sufferings are the prelude of those you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future."

    Archeparch of Mosul

    I read the piece and am not surprised by what he has to say either...not at all.

    Let's keep praying.


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